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[edit] Introduction

White Knight Chronicles 2 starts off just where the first game left off although from another angle of the conflict. The game starts in Faria where you take control of Scardigne. You will progress through a couple of straight paths until finally you reach a few cut scenes.

Cut to our Heroes... You now have control of Leonard, Yulie, Eldore, and Avatar. Take this moment to Save and speak to the Combat Dummy if you'd like to reset your Skill Points.

[edit] Lost Forest

This isn't the hardest, but you gotta be ready for ambush. First you will fight the Farian outdoors, then the 2 Gigases, not so hard, then Miu & Scardigne will join your little group. Go to the glowing star, to find Lorias. -- It'll be not easy for many bosses, keep your eyes open. Then buy on the Armory from Lorias' garrison, after that, you gotta destroy the 2 Zore Crystals, then you don't need to return it'll automatically return. Then go to the Faria (glowing star)

[edit] Faria:Under Siege

You arrive in the Archduchy of Faria which is currently under heavy attack.

-Boss Battle- Name: Duke Gigas(x1), Zore Crystal(x2) This battle can be tough for the under prepared party. Death can happen swiftly if you do not keep close eye on your party's health, especially Miu and Scardyne (if they die its GAMEOVER).

Also Pay very close attention to what Duke Gigas is doing at all times. He has a very powerful charging move that if you give him the chance he will wipe out the entire human party(effectively making it GAMEOVER). When You see him charging for the powerful attack, be a kill-joy by using "Turn Break". It will halt him right in his tracks, giving you more time to lay on the pain.

Opportunities for Massive Damage~ -Hit him with Turn Break while he is charging for Bloody Torment. -Use Guardian Aura to shield teammates from Duke Gigas. -Take advantage of every opportunity to use Critical Attack on his legs to bring him to his knees. I have only experienced his weak spot being Thrust Attacks for that moment. -Use Slash on his Torso or Rejuvenator to deal massive damage.

[edit] Archduchy of Faria

Once here the game returns to a more mild mannered pace. Use this time to stock up on any items and/or weapons needed within the town's shops.

[edit] Balandor

Take this time to rack up on some Errands. Some may require extensive traveling which you are not yet able to do but a few only require talking to near by residents in order to complete.

After completing some Errands quest you can now back to the story line. This time you need to sneak into the Balandor castle. 1)Front castle doors area. Speak with the guy who is rummaging in some cases right from the fountain under arc. He will tell you about Lucius, a man who felt responsible for a thief who managed to break out of the castle prison and left the force. 2) Speak with the left guard of the main castle entrance (in same area). 3) Speak with guard who is rambling in west town square. He will tell you that the guy in question is now living in Parma. 4) Go to Parma and speak with a woman who is right in front of jewel shop. She will tell you that this guy Lucius is on the mission now in Balastor Plain. 5) Take the East exit in Parma and go to Balastor Plain.

Finally you've found Lucius but don't be so happy. He will ask for help to track some mysterious group. The choice is up to you though I never choose "No" for the answer.

Yes: Lucius joins your party as a guest. Now cross a little bridge and head to the south. You will see a little flaring object on the ground. Go and speak with it. That's the footprints. Just follow the footprints you will find on your way and they will lead you to the Magi camp. Prepare for battle.

Nothing new except in the middle of the battle two Magis will "play" their card and transform into Gigas. Easy target for the White Knight.

After finishing them off you find yourself in Parma. Speak with Lucius, he will tell you about old passage under the Castle (later Eldore suggest a theory that this passage was used to transfer the White Knight to the Castle's treasury).

Go back to Balandor. The secret passage is marked with the star on your map. It's near the binding shop, down the stairs.

[edit] Parma

Find the lady near at the general store named Daisy talk to her then go to the east exit to Balastor Plain - now you'll find Lucius, help him find the characters go to northwest -- they will be sparkling glowing - it will lead you until you reach a Magi garrison. They'll give their best shot kill all of them -- and the 2 Magi Officers will play their cards and give the shot to Leonard, kill them with the White Knight them use thrust and healer soul wen needed.

[edit] Balandor

[edit] Greede Underbelly

Ok now this can be quite frustrating to anyone who remembers coming here in the first game. The Underbelly is a maze of tunnels and trap doors that are triggered by several levers.

The Star points displayed on your map make this mission pretty straight forward (at first). So stay on the first Level. Head to B-2, upper room. This will drop you to where you need to go. Take out all the enemies here. Now head to B-1. Inside will be a Giant Spider with a hefty amount of cannon fodder as well. Even if you are pretty strong don't let this one fool you. When near death he has a powerful spitting attack that can wipe out a level 48 character. Go ahead and Verto on this bastard. Then you will want to trigger the lever (turn right). Then head to C-3. There is a very small room here that has a lever needed to trigger the ones at the second star (B-3). This bad boy is not marked in anyway so it can turn this easy task into a nightmare.

After you have done that take the elevator down to the bottom floor and head to the next star point where there is a lever you must switch. There is now a new star but you must switch the followers levers to gain access to this room. You must first switch the first set of levers, these are the ones at the end of the L-shaped paths in C4. The second set of levers are in the square rooms in B3, B4, D3 and D4, these also all need to be switched right.

You can now use the door to access the door leading to the star. There will be a cut scene then you are back in Greede. - - -- 10:16, 18 September 2011 (PDT) PSN: Forevercloud3000. Forevercloud3000@gmail.com

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