WKC 2 Starting Guide part 2

From hereon, "part 1" refers to story mode of WKC 1 (including remastered edition) and "part 2" refers to story mode of WKC 2.


[edit] Importing WKC 1 save game

  • New WKC 2 players, who completed wkc 1 it and wish to import their save should see the page "Before switching to WKC 2", before importing.
  • From WKC1 to WKC2 lists all changes between WKC 1 and 2, as well as the effects of importing your White knight chronicles 1 save game.
  • Before importing your save game, you have the option to start from the beginning of part 1 or part 2.
  • Starting from part 1 has no real advantage, so it's recommded that you start at part 2.
  • Skills of all party members will be reset, so remember to distribute skillpoints, before leaving the staring area.
  • Importing your old save allows you to recreate your avatar, including name and gender changes. You cannot do this again at a later time (unless the DLC ticket gets released), so be cautious.
  • It might confuse your old WKC 1 friends if you change your avatar name.
  • Story characters have some predefined skills (like leonard shortsword), so remember to reset them at combat dummy, if you want to give them other skillsets.

[edit] Part 2

  • As in part 1, your primary goal should be to complete the story first.
  • It has a few challenging bossfights however, so this time you should also do errands and bounties with equip rewards.
  • Max. level now is 65, while below GR 19.

[edit] Bounty Hunts

  • As you progress in story and (re)visit old new and areas, additional bounties will apear at the adventurers guild.
  • Try to finish them early this time, as many offer powerful equipment as reward.
  • One of these will allow you to get your own knight (knight moves).
  • All equipment rewards have level requirements, which are equal to the Suggested Level. So it's not usefull to complete LV 70+ bounties, unless you're GR 19 and can reach LV 70.
  • For most bounties, you don't need to have the Suggested Level. Most bounties are pretty easy, if you use the recommended tactics on Bounties page.
  • Difficult bounties. You can test these, but in these cases you should have the Suggested Level:
    • Eight Legs of Death
    • Siren Song
    • The King and You
    • The Annihilator

[edit] Errands

  • Some of the part 2 errands include parts of the luohan set, which is very good for LV 55 characters.
  • Some of these unlock new skills, so if you want the trophy for 8 complete skillsets, you must complete the appropriate errands. Also, many of these skills are pretty good, like crowd control for axe skillset.
  • Because of these reasons, it's recommended to do part 2 of errands as quickly as possible.
  • See Residents Quests for details.

[edit] Online Gaming

  • Once you're at the end of story mode and completed most errands and bounties, you should be around level 60-65 and GR 13-15. This is the earliest time, when you should consider going online.
  • Here you can visit georamas of other players and join quests of your GR or lower.
  • You can buy new quests at the adventurer's guild (or harry's item shop in georama), but you don't need to own a quest, to join it.
  • Your goals at this point should include:
    • Raise your GR to 19+. Highest possible GR is 30.
    • Bind new weapons and armor, once those from bounties are lower than your level
    • Visit Vellgander, to locate UNID gear in addition to bound items. Vel 1 can be accessed from GR 15+.
    • Reincarnate 4 times, when GR 22 or 24 (for 40 additional SP each time). See also:
    • Update your knight equipment. See White Knight Chronicles II, Avatar knight section.
    • Gain Trophies

[edit] Georama

  • Once you go online, you should also put more effort into your georama.
  • If you place the three shops near the entrance, it provides much easier access to these, than any story area.
  • The item shop sells different materials (including some rare ones), depending on your geo stats.
  • The higher your geo level, the more stuff you can place, so it's also easier to gain higher stats.
  • Some georama specific armor sets exist, which are pretty good. You should look at these, when your geo level is 7+.

[edit] Binding

  • This describes the process of converting materials into other items. It is mostly used for weapons and armor, but it can also create some other materials and consumable items.
  • It can be done at two places, namely the incorruptus workshop and binding post.
  • Incorruptus workshop can only be accessed in georama, at marsha's shop. There you can bind weapons, armor and accessories for all your knights.
  • Once you go online, you should also take a close look at the binding post and understand how it works, or otherwise your equipment will be too weak.
  • Strongest obtainable weapons (excluding binding) in WKC 2 are LV 55 weapons and armor LV 70, so once you're above that, you should either bind better one or search for UNIDs.

[edit] UNID

  • WKC 2 has new items, called UNIDs by players. This is short for "unidentified", because they are first displayed as ??? when you find them.
  • Basically these are random items, with random stats.
  • The random stats are often better than stats of base items, but you must be lucky.
  • For example you might end up with +15 INT on a melee weapon, which is pretty pointless (but more than most normal enhancements from bindable stuff). But you might also get +15 STR, which is pretty good.
  • You best gather UNIDs at vellgander and use them together with bindable stuff.
  • The best UNIDs can be collected from GR 25 on, in vel 7 and 8. At higher GRs than that, you should rather rely on bindable equip or Dahlia items.

[edit] Avatar Knight

  • Once you complete the bounty hunt knight moves, your avatar will gain his/her own knight.
  • It becomes available during story mode, once you've visited Redhorn Island for the first time.
  • It's pretty weak when you gain it, but it can be upgraded in numerous ways.
  • Once you have it, Rifts appear all over story areas. You should visit all of those now that contain elder equipment and upgrade your knight.
  • At higher guild ranks, you can bind new armor and weapons for it at incorruptus workshop (marsha in georama).
  • The knight is an integral part of later online quests, so you must upgrade it.

[edit] Dahlia Exchange

  • Dahlia is a currency of it's own. Whenever you complete a quest, you gain 0,001 of the guilders as dahlia. In practice this means 17D for a quest that awarded 17000 guilders.
  • These can used at the adventurers guild, to buy special items. These include consumables, weapons, armor, accessories and materials.
  • You don't gain much dahlia in the course of the game, so you should save as much of them as possible. Don't spend them on normal conusmables, weapons or armor.
  • Instead, use them for the following:
    • At GR 20 and 21 some pretty powerful accessories will show up. The ones from GR 20 give +15 to one attribute and -15 to another. Example: +15 STR; -15 INT. GR 21 have differing effects, like +15 to two stats and -50 HP or -10 to one stat.
    • Starting at GR 26, you can't get new UNIDs anymore, but at same time you have access to complete dahlia equipment sets at GR 26 and 28. Each part of those cost 4000D or more. So a complete set will cost you 16000D.
    • Ignore the following, if you're not going for the 800 binds trophy. The dahlia shop offer some unique materials, called toad oil drop, toad oil drop+ and phibianaci's oil. These can only be used to bind other harvestable materials at the binding shop. You should bind all of them once.

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