WKC 2 Starting Guide part 1

  • White knight chronicles has a lot of options, for how to play the game. This is a guideline for new players, indicating a recommended order and how to advance.
  • Note that it only covers white knight chronicles II, and WKC 1 remastered which is included on the WKC 2 disc.
  • From hereon, "part 1" refers to story mode of WKC 1 (including remastered edition) and "part 2" refers to story mode of WKC 2.


[edit] The Beginning

  • If you completed WKC 1 (not on the wkc 2 disc), you should read the following section of this guide, before importing the save: #Before switching to WKC 2
  • When starting the game for the first time, consider reading From WKC1 to WKC2. This lists the effects from importing save games and differences between WKC 1 and WKC 2.
  • If you're completely new to the game, you should start from the very beginning of wkc 1 remastered. Otherwise you will miss some materials, that are later hard to get (not relevant if you don't plan to get the platinum trophy).

[edit] Story mode part 1

  • Your first big goal should be, to complete the first half of the story (wkc 1 story). Defeating the Black Usurper is the end of it, but you can continue playing after that. You're not forced to continue with WKC 2 story.
  • Your level is Reset to level 35 in part 2, so don't bother grinding past this

[edit] Fighting

  • As with all RPGs, WKC also has it's own unique combat system.
  • So before you begin, you should make up your mind how you setup your party.
  • See the following pages for more info about the combat system, skills and your party:
  • Note that the spear skillset is bugged, as of WKC 2 version 1.00. It works fine during story mode, because combat is not very difficult there, so you may use it on story NPCs. But avoid it on your avatar, or you be seriously nerfed in online gaming later.
  • You can reset the skillsets of your party at anytime during part 2, but before LV 36 at the combat dummy in rapacci wines. So you're not screwed if you have a bad setup. *But you should be ready at LV 36, because the next chance to reskill is very far away (LV 80 and GR 20).
  • See Reincarnation (WKC 2) for more info on that.
  • The page Essential Skill Guide, for a list of the most important skills.
  • See Staggering and Breaks for more info on extra drops on big enemies.

[edit] Georama

  • Shortly after acquiring the white knight in Balandor, a scence occurs where an NPC will offer you a property deed. After buying it, the GeoRama system is available to you.
  • Basically this is a town you can edit freely and recruit inhabitants for. It serves as host room for online play, among other things.
  • While it's very fun to buy new houses, upgrade and test various styles in your georama, it's not necessary to use it during story mode.
  • See the following pages for more info:

[edit] Binding

[edit] Bounty Hunts

  • At some point during story mode, so called Bounties will become available at the adventurer's guild (the shop that also sells you quests).
  • These require you to either kill a specific big monster or several small ones and reward you, when you visit the guild again. Note that you can only accept one of these at a time.
  • It is recommonded that you part 1 these as soon as they become available, because some of them reward you with very powerful equipment (relative to you level).
  • See Bounties for info about each monster and possible rewards.

[edit] Errands

  • As soon as you can freely explore Balandor, you will notice NPCs with a red exclamation mark above their head.
  • These will give you special missions, called "Errands", when you talk to them. Some of them are pretty easy, like talking once or twice to near NPCs, while others require you to gather rare materials from storng enemies.
  • They don't reward you with equipment, but some give rare materials for binding (except some of them near the end of the game). So it's not needed to do them as soon as they become available.
  • It is for you to decide when you do them, but it's not recommended ignore them completely, because you will be bored quickly walking from NPC to the other, a hundred times over.
  • See this page for more info.
  • Also note that some errands in part 2 of the game will ask for materials, you received as reward in part 1. So you should either check the above mentioned list and make note of the required materials, or simply keep them all.

[edit] Quests

  • As you progress through the story and visit new areas, so called "Quests" will be unlocked. They usually require you to fulfill simple tasks and end with a bossfight.
  • Their main purposes are raising your guild rank and gathering materials, as most quests reward you with materials, related to it's boss. Some quests also reward unique items, required for some DLC bindings.
  • During part 1 it is not necessary to do quests, as your GR will mainly increase through errands and bounties.
  • See the following page for more info about Guild Rank Quests.

[edit] Online Gaming

  • At the same time as Errands and Bounties unlock, you can also access the online components of WKC, through any logic stone or from world map.
  • See the following page, for general infos about GeoNet.
  • The major part of online play happens through quests. You cannot play story mode or visit story areas together with other players (unless part of quests).
  • It is recommended that you don't start playing online before completion of story mode (part 1 and 2), because many players will have high levels and guild ranks, so you can't join in most quests, that they start.
  • On the other hand they will likely not join you either, because they don't need materials from lower quests and guilder rewards from their quests are higher, too.

[edit] See Before switching to WKC 2

[edit] WKC 2 Starting Guide part 2

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