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For all resident request look here -http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/974870-white-knight-chronicles-ii/faqs/61990

Bow in WKC2 is not a primary damage dealer but more of a support player. As a bow you can play a variety of roles: tank, support, and DD."

  • Physical Tank: Dark Shot/Conceal combo makes you almost untouchable, paired with decoy, you can keep a creature's hate on you until you die.
  • Support: hymns aside, as a bow you have the best use of HP and MP items which are quicker and have better range than any heal spell.
  • DD: with the right set up and gear, you will be able to hit fairly hard when other roles aren't needed.'


[edit] Pros

  • Excellent piercing attacks
  • Excellent strike attacks
  • Evasion up skills
  • MP restore move
  • Accuracy debuff

[edit] Cons

  • Weak slash attack

[edit] Bow Skills to have

  • Sting
  • Triple Nock
  • Burst Tip
  • Angel's Wing
  • +Judgment
  • +Pierce
  • Healer's Hymn
  • Spirit's Hymn
  • +Hurricane Song (see pprincess's resident request guide)
  • Dark Shot
  • Conceal
  • Decoy
  • Stun Tip
  • Sleep Tip
  • Focus (see pprincess's resident request guide)

[edit] Divine Skills to know

  • Heal III
  • Refresh
  • Fortify
  • Mana Shield
  • Fatigue
  • Mollify
  • Slow
  • Holy Light
  • Raise
  • Angle's Favor (see pprincess's resident request guide)
  • Fate's Favor (see pprincess's resident request guide)

I suggest going for the Divine Lore if you have the extra sp

Note The + skills are not a must have but sure make things a lot easier when buffing your team before a battle.

[edit] The 4 Hymns

  • Spirit's Hymn - Restores 20% of Max Mana +10 to one target, for 1 AC.
  • Healer's Hymn - Recovers 20% of Max HP +60 for 12 mp.
  • Angel's Hymn - Same effect as Raise but with a chance of failure
  • +Hurricane Song - Same effect as +Haste but faster casting time (than your own +Haste) and shorter effect time.

[edit] Doubler & Tripler

These are new additions to the bow class in WKC2. These allow for increased damage across all of your attacks while you have a Bow equipped. Hitting enemies twice grants a 1.5x bonus to your total damage while a triple hit gives you 2x your total damage. This is a bow passive skill so you'll only need to learn it for it to be active. It's likely that these two passive abilities help the Status Tip effects and have their own (lowered) chances of hitting criticals)

[edit] Focus

THIS IS A MUST FOR ALL BOW USERS!!! This allows bow to gain ac much faster than normal, allowing for more spirits hymns to be used, and faster knight transformations.

[edit] Bullseye & Combos

Sorry to say but bulls-eye is much less effective then it was in WKC:IE, and all Bow combos are fairly inefficient now making them a waste of AC unless you're built to be a Damage Dealer.

[edit] Armor to look for

There are three main ways to play bow... This guide will start with support first. The second way is a DD Bow.

Physical Tank is mainly Agi and MP with just enough Dex to be able to hit consistently with Dark Shot and Sting. You'll want over 200 Agi to really take advantage of Dark Shot/Conceal. Going over 200 Agi really makes you nigh on untouchable - any hits that do connect on you, will either be blocked since you have such high Agi or will be absorbed by your Fate's Favour.

Support Bow is a balance of Agi, Dex, and MP. Agility determines your block and dodge rate... You'll want over 160 Agi to take full advantage of Dark shot/Conceal. This more or less allows you to dodge a good number of physical attacks directed at you. Dex should be over 163 so you won't miss when you need to gain AC quickly or when you need a hit to land. 480+ Mp for efficient self "spirit's hymns."

Look for sets with Mp, Agi, & Dex

DD Bow/ DPS You'll want a high amount of Dex, MP, Str. in that order. You'll also need to make 4 different elemental bows and learn the elemental attacks to fully maximise your damage. Int will give you a very slight increase to your elemental tip/missile attacks on top of your normal damage. The DD bow however, loses out when it comes to neutral enemies - you won't ever deal much more than 300 or so per hit compared to a Support Bow and around 100 when it comes to elemental attacks.

~Disclaimer As said at the beginning of the guide bow isn't really built for dps, but the neoseeker community after much debate decided to add it to the wiki to allow players to broaden their playing abilities, and allow them to know about all ways of playing this great class.

[edit] GR26+BOWS







  • DD/DPS





  • TANK





[edit] External Links

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[edit] Video guides on YouTube

Thanks to kokoro (yuchee)

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