Venom Genes

[edit] Venom Genes

Bunker Lode miners woke up violent scorpions that had been dormant for ages. Think you have what it takes to defeat them?

Area Found The Bunker Lode Caverns
Target(s) Iulo (C-3), Akto (C-3)
Unlocks When Story Chapter 5 Beginning
Suggested Level 25+
EXP 1250
Reward Items Heal Potion III x10, Mana Potion III x5
Guilder Reward 750G
GR Points 3000

[edit] Info

This bothersome pair of scorpions mingle among a host of others on the upper bridge of the top cavern level. Both are weak versus Strike attacks. Iulo is weak against Air and strong against Earth, whereas Akto is vise-versa. Your characters need both types of magic attacks set to their command bars prior to engagement.

Other Strategy
When playing in WKC1 part of the game: If you want to play it safe and wish to go after these guys with a knight, you should wait until after Frass Chasm when you get the Talion sword for the White Knight, which has the Shield Bash ability, which requires a shield equipped and is also a Strike attack.

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