Vellgander : Section 7

Vellgander is the name of the final dungeon in the game. To unlock it, finish the game and save after the credits. When you'll load this save, Vellgander will unlock. It is not an area that can be visited normally, but a quest, where up to 6 people can participate.


[edit] Section 7 Bosses

[edit] Floor 1 <-> 4 Side Rooms Monsters

  • Below are the enemies you will find in this section. Refer to Vellgander for more information.
Section Fire Ice Wind Earth
7 Cerberus
Ice Dragon
Iron Golem
Dire Waterspider
Iron Golem
Megalo Tigris
Ice Dragon
Iron Golem
Rock Hound
Dire Waterspider
Iron Golem

[edit] 5th Floor Main Enemies

[edit] Notes

  • Chests contain Fafnir set(heavy) and Wyrm set(medium).
  • The main enemies come in pairs in the rooms. If you are looking for a particular enemy that hasn't appeared in ANY of the rooms of the first floor it will not appear AT ALL in the rooms. You will have to quit and retry or hope that it appears in the centre of the floor.
  • 5th Floor enemies are random with a maximum of 3 randomised large enemies on this floor

[edit] Enemy Pairs

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