Tyrannical Botanicals

[edit] Tyrannical Botanicals

Folks are vanishing left and right in the Lost Forest, and it seems plant monsters are behind it. Time to whack some weeds!

Area Found The Lost Forest
Target(s) Belladonna (B-4), Delphine (B-4)
Unlocks When Story Chapter 8 cleared
Suggested Level 40+
EXP 2000
Reward Items Heal Potion IV x10, Mana Potion IV x5
Guilder Reward 1200G
GR Points 10000

[edit] Info

The targets mingle in a large host of similar plant and beast enemies on the west side of the stage. Both of these killer plants are weak against Slash and Air attacks, and utilize Sleep and Paralyzing gas attacks. Use Awaken, Refresh, or +Refresh spells to keep all party members engaged.

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