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Troll Treasure
Locations:Balastor Plain
Unlocks When:Access World Map after 06 May 2010
Guild Ranks:1215
Suggested Level:36+51+

[edit] Walkthrough

  • Speak to the quest giver at the start. Your aim is to find at least 10 troll treasure fragments. There are two ways to find these:
    • Examining a ??? will either find junk or a troll Treasure Fragment. Getting close to the sparks will often trigger a trap and you have to fight a few monsters.
    • Trolls can drop treasure fragments when killed.
  • There are two NPC's. Each NPC can be rescued by killing the indicated monster.
    • Graspa inside waterfall cave. Kill the Direspider just around the corner inside the waterfall cave.
    • Litton is next to the Hut (where you start Brave Litton's Plight). Near the hut is a Troll.
  • Talk to the NPC to complete the rescue. The NPC then follows the player.
    • When a NPC follows a player, additional ??? points will appear that can be examined only by that player.
  • Collect either 10, 20 or 30 fragments and trade them to the quest giver.
  • The boss battle depends on the number of fragments:

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • There is no time bonus. The only way to get an S rank is to complete with 30 fragments.
  • The ??? marks revealed by having an NPC follower are always treasure.
  • Be careful not to begin the boss battle before all fragments have been turned in. Give them all to one person first to make things easier.
  • Any guest NPCs in the party will engage the trolls. Be sure to keep them alive, otherwise the quest is failed.
  • Although Brave Litton's Plight (Map Marker (F7) for the Fine Maka Flower) is the best place to hunt for Faerie Masks, this ranks a close second.
  • The Treasure Fragments must be handed in to the NPC in three lots of 10. Make sure you hand them all in before you select the option to begin the boss fight

[edit] Reward

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