Transparent Husk

Transparent Husk
Type Monster Drop from Wraith
Where Found Balandor Castle Secret Passage; Redhorn Island, after completing it; Rise From Your Grave
Cost (Self) -Not Sold-
Cost (Guests) -Not Sold-


[edit] Georama

  • Can be bought from Harry in a Georama with a 60 Giants stat.

[edit] Uses

  • Needed for one Errand
  • Used in Binding/Enhancing/GeoRama Parts:

[edit] How to

[edit] Balandor Castle Secret Passage

  • You should enter from balandor castle and save. Then move east, through the upper hexagonal room. You might meet one there, a dire waterspider or no big enemy. Then move to next hexagonal room.
  • Now go further east, to the prison cells. North of them, a Wraith spawns 100% of the time. When you win, move south (through secret passage) to next save, leave and reenter through caste.

[edit] Redhorn Island

  • Wraiths and 6 Skeletons will spawn in the circular rooms, after you defeated the two bosses of this area in story mode.
  • The first spawn in the north is a very good place to farm wraiths, because it's very close to a save and you will enocunter only one group of enemies on the way.
  • Save. Then more north and kill the enemies. Kill the wraith, return to save and visit georama. When you return, you're fully healed and all enemies respawn, so repeat.

[edit] Mage Tactic

  • The following tactic is very effective, because you don't just farm Wraiths, but also gain good money and XP. It requires a mage character, preferably with +inferno spell (no matter if avatar or story character).
  • Control a well armed character (high DEF). Walk into the circular room, until the wraith aims at you. Now walk back, past the doorway of this room. Here you're out of the wraiths melee reach and it cannot follow you.
  • Switch to the mage (or stay, if it was the mage). Use magic boost and slow on the wraith. During this time, the skeletons should gather near it.
  • Cast +inferno on the wraith, to kill them all. If 2 or less skels remain, the wraith will now summon 4 succubi, so cast +inferno again, to kill them too.
  • Now buff up your magic power and use high level fire spells to kill the wraith quickly (avoid holy), or it will activate it's invisible mode.
  • Return to save and repeat. You may also skip killing the wraith, if you're only here for money and XP.
  • Remeber to sell the materials from the undead, because they pile up quickly.

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