Tomb Raiders

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Tomb Raiders
Locations:Dogma Rift
Unlocks When:Access World Map after June 24, 2010
Guild Ranks:710
Suggested Level:36+50+

Also known as Ruin Return in the NA game.

[edit] Walkthrough

  • Talk to Team Member.
  • Go to the Team Member at D2 to start a fight. Beat 10 magi soldiers in 2 minutes.
  • Talk to the team member again and go to D4. Talk to the NPC there to start a boss battle.
  • Defeat 1 Alphatria Gigas and 8 Magi soldiers in 4 minutes.
  • Talk to the team member when done. He will tell you to collect 6 tablets in 8 minutes.
  • Head South.
  • Talk to Grant at C4 (He will be able to open the locked chests)
  • Go to the bottom room in D4 for the Tablet 1. You will fight Magi there.
  • Go to C3 to open another chest for Tablet 2.
  • Go to B5. Have Grant open the chest in the large room for Tablet 3. Any player can open the small room one for Tablet 4.
  • Go to B3 and open the chest in the small room for tablet 5.
  • Have Grant open the Chest in A4 for tablet 6.
  • Talk to the Team member at C4.
  • Run to the Npc at C5 to start a Boss fight.
  • The Boss Fight is against an Alphamiden Gigas and a Betapente Gigas.
  • When done, talk to the team Member to finish.

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • Grant usually runs right into the middle of the fight.
  • When fighting the last 2 Gigas, Try and keep Grant away from the tank or else he will die from AOE magic. NOTE: The Blue Gigas is the magic user.
  • Chests at C3, B5, an A4 are traps. The player with Grant needs to open these to disarm them. If another player opens it, the trap goes off and you end up having to fight about 6 elementals at once.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

    Quest Complete & Subquest Bonus GR Points
    TypeGR 7GR 10
    Quest Complete 8,000p 10,000p
    Recovered All Relics 5000p  ?p
    Recovered All Tablets 2000p  ?p
    Points Required to Achieve Rank
    RankGR 7GR 10
    Time Bonus GR Points
    Time ReqGR 7GR 10
    [0:00:00]-[0:30:00] 0p 0p
    Enemy Bonus GR Points (Per Kill)
    Enemy NameGR 7GR 10
    (Boss) Alphamiden Gigas 0p 0p
    (Boss) Betapente Gigas 0p 0p
    Alphatria Gigas 0p 0p
    Total Guilder Awarded by Rank Achieved
    Rank RequiredGR 7GR 10
    Possible Quest Loot
    GR 7GR 10
    Demon Heart
    Demon Eye
    Demon Claw
    Demon Crest
    Demon Tail
    Holy Knight Medal
    Demon Claw
    Demon Hex
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