The World of White Knight Chronicles


[edit] Balandor, where the journey beings.

Peace reigns in the Kingdom of Balandor, on the continent of Nadias, when you start White Knight Chronicles. A beautiful settlement of majesty, the empire is celebrating a coming-of-age banquet for Princess Cisna, a monarch-in-waiting who hasn't spoken a word since the devastating murder of her mother many years ago. However, this is not a day of happiness, as the castle is attacked by evil invaders who savagely assault the royal family, leaving Balandor with a slain king and a stolen princess.

Leonard, a young wine merchant, is the only one who can make a difference to this broken kingdom, after discovering a mysterious suit of armour that transforms him into the giant and powerful White Knight. Armed with its array of abilities, there is only one thing a noble soul such as Leonard wants - to set things right.

This is where you come in. Taking Leonard and a band of adventurers - including your own customised avatar - you must embark on a journey to find Cisna and defeat the evil which has thrown Balandor into tragedy. Unsheathe your sword, noble knight... are you ready for an epic voyage?

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