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NOTE: This is only the walkthrough of the main story for both games, and will not include quests, errands, and other optional content, nor any tutorials. Story elements will be kept straight are will be rarely explained, and it will be void of boss strategies. See the Main Page if you're looking for these. This guide is currently incomplete.


[edit] WKC1

[edit] Chapter 1

[edit] Introduction

The game starts in the Kingdom of Balandor. A few cut-scenes unfold.

[edit] Balandor

Go to the glowing star to continue on Balastor Plain.

[edit] Balastor Plain

Go to the glowing star to continue on to Parma.

[edit] Parma Village

Walk over to Yulie near the beastswaine. Then, talk to Raus at the stables near the entrance to town. After the scene, go back out to Balastor Plain.

[edit] Balastor Plain

Head towards the direction of Balandor. Near C3, you will have to fight a Troll. After defeating it, reenter Balandor.

[edit] Beneath Balandor

After the cutscenes, head towards the star near the end of the map. Soon, you will fight a mini-boss battle against Phantom. After that, you'll fight against Pyredaemos using the White Knight, with the battle taking place in Beneath Balandor, Balandor Castle, and Balandor.

[edit] Chapter 2

[edit] Balandor

After the scenes, exit to the world map then make your way to Greydall Plain.

[edit] Greydall Plain

Head for the star on the map. You'll have a boss battle against Ahwahnee. Continue to the Nordia Tunnels and watch the cutscene.

[edit] Nordia Tunnels

Head South down to the cavern at B4 (near the elevator). Open the chest to receive a Nordia Tunnel Key. Go back North where you came from then head East and unlock the gate located at E3. Head for the star. After the cutscenes, continue south to face Dragias. You'll soon have to battle the Black Knight. Head into the next area, the Lagnish Desert.

[edit] Chapter 3

[edit] Lagnish Desert

Head for the glowing star, which leads directly to Albana.

[edit] Albana

Go to the town's pub. After the cutscene, talk to all the patrons. After a brief time, there will be another cutscene. Face the Rogue Champion, Rogue Hunter, Rogue Spellcaster, Rogue Thief and Rogue Warrior.

Once slain, you will battle Alphamiden Gigas. To make this battle go faster, you can use White Knight here. After the fight, head South to B4. After the cutscene head North to B2 to receive Phibianacci's Letter. The South exit of Albana is locked, so head out East E2/E3. Back to Lagnish Desert. From here follow your map's trail in an elongated clockwise fashion towards the glowing star at G3. After obtaining Verruca's Letter head back the way you came to Albana at F4.

In Albana go West to B4 to receive the South Gate Pass. You can now leave South to the Sandmaze(Southern Lagnish Desert). From here go South or East to the Logic Stone/glowing star at F8. Here you will use White Knight to fight Betaena Gigas and Alphaena Gigas, followed by Grand Gigas. After the battle you will be brought back to Albana, so go back to the Lagnish Desert. Go South toward E8 and then West to B8 out to the World Map and on to Flandar Trail.

[edit] Flandar Trail

Head for the glowing star. You will get introduced to Greede. Continue along for an event battle with the Ancient Dragon. After the battle, head towards to glowing star for a scene where you get on the Gondola.

[edit] Greede

To complete the Greede storyline you will need to obtain key items from NPCs, retrieve an item from a monster in Flanders Trail, and return to Greede for some more cut scenes.

[edit] Explore Greede

  1. Upon entering Central Station, pick up a transit pass from a Transit Attendant behind the counter right in front of you.
  2. Turn to your right and take the elevator to the next level. Use the turnstiles at the end of the platform to head to the Merchant Quarter.
  3. Take the elevator or stairs down to the lowest level (1F)
  4. Head to the Bar at (D-3). One of the NPCs inside will give you key item Baccean Honey.
  5. Take the train (or nearest save point) and head to Downtown Greede.
  6. Deliver the Honey to Shu inside the Pub at C-4. Shu will give you a black market pass key item.
  7. Show the black market pass to Jones at the top of C-4 for entrance to the Black Market.
  8. Proceed into the Black Market proper for the cut scene.
  9. Head to the Top Floor (3F) of the Merchant Quarter.
  10. Speak with Pierre in the residence at C1 for the key item Lizard Bait.
  11. Take the nearest save point to Flanders on the World Map.

[edit] Obtain the Firestone

  1. In Flanders, proceed to D-5 and drop down to the lower level. (The fastest way is to proceed along the right side of the map through the caves).
  2. Proceed south to D-6, drop the Lizard Bait at the large crystalline structure at the top of the ramp.
  3. Kill the Fire Lizard to obtain the key item Firestone.

[edit] Wrap-up Greede

  1. Return to the Black Market in Downtown Greede with the Firestone
  2. You receive the key item, Statue of Lepene.
  3. Head to the Central Station.
  4. Speak to the Gate Guards at C-2.
  5. Caesar joins the party.
  6. You obtain key item Drisdall's Note.
  7. Return to the Pub in Downtown Greede C-4.
  8. Show the Note to Amir inside the Pub.
  9. Take Amir to the entrance to Greede Underbelly at B-2.

[edit] Greede Underbelly

[edit] Notes

Anything in Bold is the proper English in-game name. When in doubt, compare names with what you see in game. Anything in italics is purely optional. Normally involves areas with farmable mobs, harvest nodes and/or treasure chests.

[edit] Level 1

  1. (Harvest) The rooms to the North and South in F3 both contain harvest crates.
  2. (Treasure) The room to the South in F3 contains a treasure chest.

[edit] First Lever Section

  1. In the next room to the West, use the gate controls to Open left gate.
  2. Follow the Left (Southwest) passage and Move the lever you come across.
  3. Head North then east, you will come across the reservoir gate controls. So, Move the lever.
  4. (Treasure) A treasure box is located near this switch.
  5. Head back upstairs, use the gate controls to Open right gate, and continue down the right (northwest) passage.
  6. (Harvest) The side rooms off E3 each contain one harvest crate.

[edit] Reservoir Gate Control #1

  1. (Treasure) A chest is on the upper platform in the middle of D3.
  2. (Treasure, Harvest) The South room contains a chest and harvest crate.
  3. At the small central room in D2, use the drain controls to Open the left drain.
  4. Head Northwest and drop to Level 2 through the opened Grate at C2.
  5. In the nearby room with a star, use the reservoir gate control release and Move the lever.

[edit] Demithor Gate Controls

  1. Go to the Elevator room at C3, call it down to you and head back to Level 1.
  2. Head South into the large open area, then take the Southern door into the 4-way hall.
  3. Enter the Eastern side room at C4 and flip the switch. Do not touch the one in the opposite room.
  4. (Harvest/Treasure) Harvest point in the southern room. There is a treasure and another harvest point if you drop down the hole
  5. Go back into the large open room, and head East, dropping down the grate to Level 2.
  6. Head to the large room in D4 to fight two Direspiders.
  7. Use the Demithor gate controls.
  8. (Harvest) Before or after the boss fight, take the small passage South for a [u]fungus[/u] harvest crate.

[edit] Back to the Second Lever Section

  1. Head back to the elevator in C3, taking it up to Level 1.
  2. Return to the small room in D2 and use the drain controls to open right drain.
  3. Continue up the right path, opening the treasure chest before dropping down the grate to Level 2.
  4. Head for the star at D2, where you will see three switches. They all have the same name and can be toggled left or right.
  5. Facing south, from left to right, the order to flip the switches is: Right, Left, Right. This will open gate to Reservoir No. 1, which is just East of us.
  6. Enter for another Direspider fight.
  7. Open the treasure chest, then use the Demithor gate controls.

[edit] To the Demithor's Head

  1. Return to the elevator at C3, this time going down to Level 3.
  2. (Treasure, Harvest) Going South presumably involves some treasure. I didn't investigate. Note 2: You cannot go south at this time. Door comes up with a message saying 'Out of order.'.
  3. Going North takes you to the Demithor's head and the end of this section.
  4. (Harvest) the side rooms halfway to his head each have a harvest crate.

[edit] Bunker Lode Caverns

  1. Press the 'Elevator Activation' switch guarded by Magi Axeman and Magi Archer at cavern in end of path (B-4)
  2. Press the 'Elevator Activation' switch guarded by Magi Axeman and Magi Wizard at cavern in end of path (C-4)
  3. Continue North until you reach the last 'Elevator Activation' switch guarded by a Magi Officer and some other Magi (C-2)
  4. Go to the Elevator (C-3) and take it down to B1
  5. Head to the Western Map Marker (B-3)
  6. Kill Belcitane
  7. Kill Betatria Gigas and Betapente Gigas
  8. Kill Dragon Matriarch
  9. Kill Sargatanas using Caesar's Dragon Knight

[edit] Frass Chasm

Note: Section removed. No pertinent information provided other than spoilers which is not in the context of the walkthrough.

[edit] Baccea

Here's a peace treat of papitaurs, you could also do a little shopping! But first, bought a Papitaur set for your activated characters, then head for the glowing star to continue on Van Haven Waste

[edit] Van Haven Waste

Note: You can only enter the central cavern at E-3 via the tunnel nearest the save point. All other doors are one way. You start above ground.

  1. Drop down the hole at G-2.
  2. Proceed to the exit above ground at H-3.
  3. Enter the tunnel entrance at H-4.
  4. Exit to above ground at F-6.
  5. Drop down the hole at H-4.
  6. Open door at E-5.
  7. Proceed towards save point at E-4.
  8. Exit save point room by heading west.
  9. Head north, then north again to exit above ground at E-2.
  10. Drop down to underground at D-3.
  11. Head towards the save point, and exit to above ground at B-3.
  12. Reach A-2 to continue on to Sinca Village.

[edit] Sinca Village

[edit] Dogma Rift

[edit] End

Once you have finished White Knight Chronicles, there will be the option to create a New Game+.

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