The Meddlers

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The Meddlers
Locations:Dogma Rift
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:1723
Suggested Level:60+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

An Ark incorruptus has appeared from the Dogma Rift -- and while it's been shameless so far, that could change at any time. We need someone to investigate the source of its creation.

Defeat the enemies before the time runs out.


  • Requirements not met in time.
  • Player(s) incapacitated during battle.

[edit] How to Run This Quest

This is a pretty easy quest if you play with good team spirit. You'll start on a platform in the Dogma Rift with an NPC that will start 3 boss battles for you. There is a short break between each battle and you must complete all 3 to complete the quest.

Easy right? Well, as long as no one dies. One death at any point results in a mission failed.

[edit] Walkthrough

  • The 1st battle consist of an Elemental Ark Incorruptus, the 2nd Two Elemental Ark Incorruptus' and finally 4 non-elemental Ark Incorruptus'.
  • For speed runs it's best to start the first 2 boss battles within 30secs of starting the quest and killing the previous boss. The 1st 2 battles are fairly easy, even for GR20- players so there's no need to waste time.
  • The last battle consists of 1 Sword Ark Incorruptus', 1 Spear Ark Incorruptus & 1 Hammer Ark Incorruptus. The 4th Ark Incorruptus will be a random type and will spawn as soon as you have killed one knight. However it will only spawn if you have at least 17mins left on the clock. If you are too slow it won't spawn and you will lose your S rank.
  • It's best to focus on the boss that your class deals most damage to (for example, a SS Class's 'Furious Blade' deals most dammage to hammers). Mages should then focus their spells on those knights.

[edit] Notes & Tips

  • Mages should weaken the Elemental Ark Incorruptus' with magic like Conflagration & Inundation so that elemental mellee attacks are boosted and the bosses die quicker.
  • If you end up running this quest with GR20- players watch out for their health. A GR24+ player may take 1 or 2 DMG but a GR20- player can take 300DMG in one attack!
  • Most players will go all out offensive and rightfully so, so it is importanty to be self sufficent with your health. Do not wait until you are at critical health and don't expect anyone to heal you unless you are.
  • Bare in mind that if a player is forced to switch from an offensive to a supportive roll (because someone else is being clumsy with their health, or something) their attacks will be interrupted which could be the difference between there being 3 bosses alive or 2.
  • Debuffing bosses with anything other than DEF DOWN (Mollify, Shield Breaker) isn't usually necessary so save your MP for more damage dealing attacks/spells.

[edit] GR Grinding

This is arguably one of the fastest quests for GR points at GR17+. You'll get 72,500GR per quest and can complete The Meddlers 1 in around 5 mins with a full GR26+ party or around 7 mins if you have slightly weaker players.

However, The Meddlers 2 (GR22 quest) is not a good GR Grinding quest as it only gives 100,000GR and requires around 10mins to complete, the amount of time (Demithor in Peril2) takes which nets you around 125,000GR.

In comparison, Demithor in Peril II nets you 125,000GR per quest but can only be completed by 4 players at a time and takes around 10 - 13mins per quest depending on strength of team. Also bare in mind that you are split up in this quest and can't start the boss battle until both teams have killed their Gigas'.

[edit] Reward

You can obtain the Swordsman Emblem, Spearman Emblem & Malletman Emblems as enemy drops by killing the bosses in the GR17 version. The Ancient Toy String & Ancient Puppet String DLC quest rewards are required for the Robin's Mail & Robin's Mail II armour sets. You will need around 20 of these items per armour piece for them to reach +15 enhancements.

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

  • Release Date Nov. 25, 2011

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