The Lost Children

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The Lost Children
Locations:Nordia Tunnels
Unlocks When:Enter Nordia Tunnels
Guild Ranks:01215
Suggested Level:11+36+51+
Max. Party Size:4


[edit] Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Tony at the Start
  2. Get Rusty Key from Treasure Box in cavern (D-2)
  3. Use Rusty Key to unlock gate (E-3) and get to to Civello at the map marker (E-4)
  4. Talk to Civello. He is now a guest of your party, protect him
  5. Kill the aggressive Waterspider Sprog that ambush you (or simply run away down the tunnel you came from)
  6. Go to the elevator (C-4) and go to Floor B1
  7. Go to the elevator (B-3) and go to Floor B2
  8. Get Battered Key from Treasure Box in cavern at end of path
  9. Go back to elevator and head to Floor B1
  10. Go to the elevator (B-5) and go to Floor B2
  11. Go to the elevator at the end of the path and go to Floor B1
  12. Go to the elevator (C-3) by taking a right when the path forks (do not follow the railroad tracks)
  13. Head towards the cavern and talk to Teanna
  14. Kill the aggressive Waterspider Sprog that ambush you
  15. Go back up the elevator, but this time when the path forks continue ahead (follow the railroad tracks)
  16. Open the one way gate and go to the middle elevator (C-4) and go up to Floor F1
  17. Talk to Tony at the Start (near the Save Point)

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • If an elevator is on a different floor, you can use the external controls to bring it to you
  • The message An encounter.. signifies that the aggressive spiders have been spawned by someone in your party
  • Waterspider Sprog have a tendency to switch targets when their initial target falls asleep. If you fall asleep and under heavy attack, your guests might die.
  • It is difficult to kill all monsters or spend time gathering collectibles and still complete this quest with an S rank. Running through most the entire level is advise, stopping to heal once in a while.
  • Before the aggressive spider ambush, be sure that guests have full HP.
  • Rushing through with guests can be dangerous. It might be a good idea to kill numerous spiders in narrow pathways.
  • Having someone who can cast Fortify or + Fortify will help keep Civello and Teanna alive.
  • The group of spiders, in the room where Civello is located, respawn after approx. 2 minutes.
  • After you talk to Civello and trigger the encounter, you can let the Waterspider Sprogs kill you and Deathport to the start with Civello still present. This DOES NOT work when rescuing Teanna - You have to follow the route above.
  • In WKC1 the Trolls are not aggressive in the higher tier quest. This is also the easiest of all GR10 quests to complete on S if you have to solo.

[edit] The Lost Children III

  • In this rank of the quest, Civello is a great tank and only takes around 15 points of damage from the spiders, while Teanna takes around 30-33 points of damage from the spiders.
  • This quest is good for quickly gaining EXP after a Rebirth. Sprog Cleaning is better though.
  • S ranking Lost Children 3 yields you level 9 pearls even if you are Guild Rank 10. Here is a Youtube video showing this :

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

[edit] Ranks

This section will tell you how many points you need to get the various ranks:

    Rank Requirements
    RankGR 0GR 12GR 15
    S 4,000P <16,442P <37670P
    A ?P <15,238P <32,600PP
    B ?P  ?P  ?P
    C ?P  ?P  ?P
    D ?P  ?P

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