The Fog of War

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The Fog of War
Locations:Lost Forest
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:1925
Suggested Level:70+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

Our holy lands in the Lost Forest have been taken by Yshreinians! We dispatched messangers to Faria proper, but they haven't been able to get through. We need a hero to clear a path to Faria.

Defeat the enemies before time runs out.


  • Requirements not met in time.
  • Player(s) wiped out during boss battle.

[edit] How To Run The Quest

In this quest You Begin at the north end of the lost forest in the Winter Section. You begin by going left to Clear the magi until you reach a NPC. Speak with him to start the boss battle with Larvayne.

Once defeated, continue to the next star and you will face Larvayne and luthia together. The final encounter is Larvayne, luthia & Divinas in one battle.

In order to achieve a S rank you need to Clear all the magi from the different seasons AND defeat the final boss within 30mins.

[edit] Walkthrough

  • You'll start in Winter and defeat the Magi in Autumn (Fall) & Summer in that order before fighting the final bosses.
  • You should split up so that you can kill all the Magi in both areas of a season to attain the Subquest Bonus needed to S rank.
  • If you miss even a single Magi you won't get an S rank.
  • The quest must also be completed within 30mins for an S rank even if you do everything else perfectly.

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • A full party with strong stats is highly recommended for the GR25 version with at least 1 axe user for high damage attacks and someone to act as a support class. The party should also be balanced. Without a strong party you may struggle to complete FoW in under 30mins
  • Communication is key. If you want to use a particular strategy for bosses make this clear before you start.
  • It is highly recommended to kill Luthia First and time your verto after she uses her ability to absorb everyone MP to prevent a Deverto.
  • One of the best strategies to use if 2 mages are present is as follows: Get your mage to use spells like Disintegration on the bosses and weaken their elemental RES so that Larvayne - Weak to Wind, Luthia Weak to Fire & Divinas Weak to Earth. This will improve the DMG from an elemental weapon compared to one of raw power.

Note - This strategy won't work well if less than 2 mages use this technique as elemental powers will do LESS damage than raw weapons when elemental RES are inactive! Also tends to be ineffective when more 2 or more bosses are alive in a battle.

[edit] Code Drops

It is claimed that you can get 3 codes from this quest instead of running Vellgander but the drop rates are the same in both. The Larvayne Code, Dinivas Code, Luthia Code are claimed drops in the quest reward box but there is yet to be proof that they drop during boss battles.

[edit] How to FAIL the quest in 30mins

Below I have listed the most common reasons why this quest fails and how to prevent that from happening in your run. It's not exhaustive or intended to bash playstyles, it's merely here as a guide.

  • Lack of Support - A problem in many quests but really noticeable here. Bow & Staff MP support can be dreadful and heals can be neglected. Your priority should be to heal Knights and to keep an eye on their MP, then to Raise fallen party members, then heal. Anyone with <100MP will need MP so don't expect that they will use MP pots and please give them MP.
  • Lack of Strength - One of the few quests with this problem. Any player that can't deal more than 1000DMG per ATK/SPELL should not be on the team! It's harsh and doesn't mean that the player won't be useful (Support/Tanks don't need to deal high damage) but if you have too many of these players in your team not only will you struggle to get an S rank, you'll struggle to complete the quest!
  • Unbalanced Teams - This leads on from the prev point. Too many high DAM dealers may not have good support. Too many support/tanks may not deal enough damage to kill a knight quickly (which can make a huge difference in the last battle). Try to organise at least 1 support and 1 high DAM player before you set up the quest. If you don't have a tank in the party be prepared to use your knight as one.
  • Lack of Communication - Common in WKC2, a nightmare in FoW. Make sure everyone is ready before starting a battle and more importantly, that all the enemies are defeated 1st or you'll fail to get an S. Also, if you want to use a set strategy make this known ASAP (eg. If you are going to weaken Luthia to FIRE tell the party so they can equip their fire weapons). Don't get annoyed if no one weakens a knight to an element if you don't ask first!
  • Poorly Co-ordinated - Leads on from prev point. You need to adjust your playstyle to your party members not the individual quest. If there are too many high DAM dealers (and you're one of them) consider playing more supportively and vice versa. Make strategies well known and clear & focus on 1 enemy at a time! The exception is when a knight will "aggro" 1/2 enemies whilst the rest of the team focus on the remaining enemy 1 at a time.

Avoid these pitfalls and it is possible to complete the quest in just over 20mins or even with a party of 5 people. If mid quest players DC and you end up with a party of at least 4 people it is still possible to complete the quest but you may not get an S.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

  • Release Date Dec. 1, 2011

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