I thought Tier grade are: tier 1 (gr1-11), tier 2 (gr12-15), tier 3 (gr16-19), tier 4 (gr20+). Am I wrong? And, Wraith on Redhorn Isle has the next drop (test on 40 wraith):

1-4 Small Soul 90%
Undead sickle+ 40%
1-2 Guardian Pearl lv.8 40%
1-2 Chromium Pearl lv.8 15%
Transparent Husk 10%
Now that you mention it, you are correct. There exist no "tier 1" wraiths in WKC 2 and i'm not sure if tier 2/3 are actually the same?
You can correct the droplist, if you like.Crayne02 02:41, 21 August 2011 (PDT)