Talk:Memorial Servant

About the notes. I saw that there's three different bosses you can fight depending of what flower you give. I haven't tried it yet so I'm not putting it here.

But if someone want to try, here's what you have to do :

1) BOSS: Wind Dragon (you must be lvl 35+) E-6: Crimson Carnation G-4: White Carnation B-3: Red Carnation

2) BOSS: Group of Soldiers Place Yellow Carnations at all monuments

3) BOSS: Ahwahnee Place any colour Carnation in any order other than ones above at all monuments

I tried white carnations at all the monuments before and it did nothing. I will check to see if these combos work

Tried the wind dragon at level 31. Didn't work. Will try again later...

Yeah, I wasn't sure cause this was from the Japanese version so maybe after some patches it changed. Thanks for testing :D.

Confirmed. He was pretty tough to solo at 36, but I got it. Thanks for the tip :)

Turns out that the monument descriptions and the quest item descriptions corresponded. So that's why the order was the way it was.