Take Your Lumps

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Take Your Lumps
Locations:Bunker Lode Caverns
Unlocks When:Completed Bunker Lode Caverns
Guild Ranks:01317
Suggested Level:26+41+61+


[edit] Walkthrough

Begin by running to the West (to B3). There are no enemies on this level. Talk to Gotti the Junkman when you get to the ruins. He gives you a Battered Pickaxe and wants you to collect either:

Which items you turn in determines which boss you will fight. For Rock it's a Stone Guardian, for Iron an Iron Golem, and for Gold, a Primeval Guardian. Keep in mind facing each one requires certain materials.

If you talk to Gotti at any time, he will take the lumps you have collected from you. If you turn in more than one type of item, the type of boss will always match the weakest material. For example, if you turn in one lumps of rock and ten lumps of gold, the boss will always be a Stone Guardian. Make sure to discard unwanted lumps before talking to him!

Return to East C3 and talk to Bill to unlock the elevator to the far East (D3). There are 5 locations to get materials for this quest:

  • B3 on level B1 through the side tunnel (Old Lump of Rock, sometimes Old Lump of Iron)
  • D2 on level B2 at the furthest north-point of the map
  • E2 on level B1 (take the elevator from level 2)
  • D2(x2) on level B1 (take the elevator from level 2)

Look for the glowing spots.

It takes one pickaxe to collect one item so kill Earth Elementals as you go to collect more since they have a small chance to drop another. You can have more than one Battered Pickaxe in your inventory. Also, when you have no picks in your inventory you can get one by speaking to Gotti again.

Once you've collected the items return to Gotti to fight the boss. Speak to Gotti again afterward to end the quest.

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • You can have more than one pickaxe in your inventory at a time.
  • The elementals occasionally drop a Battered Pickaxe when defeated.
  • (WKC1) Be sure to have one free place in your inventory, otherwise the pickaxes will be collected in item storage. You can move them from item storage to your personal inventory at the Logic Stone.
  • If you want an easy 10 lumps of rock, go to B3 on the floor you start off at and keep going back and forth until you have 10, then go kill about 30 - 40 small enemies and this should even out the points loss for fighting the weaker boss. Kill a few of the bigger ones you pass by as well, but make sure to keep count. This may help get an S rank instead of finding gold lumps.
  • Getting an S in the way above becomes more difficult after the first GR rank available. At the GR 8 quest, skipping the Time bonus and going for the Gold lumps will give more points than going for the Rock Golem.
  • If you want to farm Earth Dragon loot here then go take the elevator in the middle of floor B2 to one of the ore spots. There is always an Earth Dragon here that can easily be reset without dying. Break the tail until it drops something, then go back onto the elevator and wait 20 seconds or take it down and then back up. The dragon will be reset and you can break the tail over and over as many times as you want to get your Earth Dragon materials. This is especially helpful on the last iteration.

[edit] Rewards

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

[edit] Ranks

    Rank Requirements
    RankGR 0GR 13GR 17
    S 8,000P
    A 7,583P
    B 7,166P
    C 6,750P

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