Swordsman Emblem

This item is used for making Swords for your knight and can be hard to obtain.

[edit] How to Obtain

As a rare drop in the "Quest Rewards Box" at the end of the following quests when an A rank or higher is achieved:

Or as a 5% enemy drop rate when killing any Sword Ark Incorruptus'. Here are examples of quests where they appear:

Or if you are lucky, it can be Geoforged in any LVL 5+ Guild.

[edit] Sword Ark Incorruptus - Rift Guide

  • Try the rift in the Balandor Secret Passage.
  • Go there via the castle entrance. The rift is just around the corner from the save crystal.
  • Enter there and the next platform usually holds either a gigas, a kraken or just shadow soldiers. Kill these. Then you can choose right or left portals.
  • Peek at both directions. You can easily see the knight in there. Watch until he moves enough to see if he has a hammer, a spear or a sword.
  • This rift is good because you have two directions and two knights just off either side of that second platform.
  • If you don't see a Sword ark knight, zone back out the rift into the Balandor passage. Repeat until Sword knight appears.
  • Don't waste time running around the other world spots because there are 2 guaranteed Swords in this spot, and you just want them to spawn around the entry point rather than running around.

But its Quicker to Run Round if you need a Swordsman, Malletman and Spearman Emblem as they're all in Balandor Rift 1

  • Or if you want to do it faster go to the underground rift in the centre of the van haven waste.
  • Sword ark incorruptus will spawn on the platforms to either side of the platform you start on.
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