Sun King

Sun King
Sun King 2.jpg
Name Adolmaea
Title Sun King
Species Incorruptus
Weapon Lawblade (two ended sword)
Height 7 meters
Pact maker Grazel

"O Adolmaea, shining sovereign, supreme light of the ancient skies, grant me your power. Verto!"

[edit] Background

The Sun King, also known as Adolmaea, is one of the Knights, a seven meter tall weapon of war made by people known as the Ancients and used during the Dogma War. At the beginning of White Knight Chronicles, it remains at the Ruined Palace.

It's Knight Ark is a gold and white mask.


[edit] Abilities and Equipment

The Sun King was the knight for Emperor madoras while the dogma wars were being waged thus being his knight the Sun king should be the most powerful knight in the game

He wields a golden double ended sword, known as a lawblade, as his weapon.

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