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[edit] Strengths and Weaknesses

    Body Part Slash.gif Strike.gif Thrust.gif Fire.gif Water.gif Wind.gif Stone.gif
    Body Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png Uparrow.png

[edit] Spawn Location

[edit] Drops

[edit] Skills

  • Scythe attack (may Paralyse)
  • MP Absorb

[edit] Tactics

  • It is proctected by body-guard, so it cannot be damaged by physical attacks, unless the guard is broken.
  • The barrier will restore after 20-30 seconds.
  • To break the barrier, cast the spell Holy Light on it.
  • Element magic functions as normal, so two flame lances will kill, too.
  • It can drain MP, so either avoid using knights while they are around or restore MP to it.
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