Status Effects

Characters and Monsters can inflict more or less crippling status effects on each other, to hamper or improve their combat effectiveness. This page lists all of these, examples of how to impose them and how to get rid of them.

Note: Some status effects can only be imposed on big monsters and knights. These are listed here.


[edit] Negative conditions

[edit] Poison

See Poison for more info
Magic Heal: +Zero Reset, Liberating Prayer, Cure, Refresh

[edit] Asleep

See Sleep for more info
Magic Heal: +Zero Reset, Awaken, Refresh

[edit] Paralysed

Effect:  A paralyzed creature cannot take any action. It lasts about 30 seconds, if not healed.
Item Heal: Panacea, Antiplegia Root
Magic Heal: Unbind, Refresh, +Unbind, +Refresh, +Zero Reset

[edit] Silenced

Effect:  A muted creature cannot use divine or elemental magic. Moves from other skillsets are not affected.
Item Heal: Panacea, Ward Chime
Skill Heal: +Zero Reset, Liberating Prayer, Refresh, +Refresh

[edit] Shackled

Effect: A shackled creature cannot take any action, as well as the skills user. It lasts about 30 seconds, if not healed.
Item Heal:  Freedom Herb
Magic Heal: +Zero Reset, Remove Shackles, +Remove Shackles

[edit] Knocked Out

Effect: A dazed creature cannot take any action and the next attack against it causes more damage.. It lasts 5-10 seconds, unless attacked.
Item Heal: Panacea, Pick-Me-Up
Magic Heal: +Zero Reset, Refresh

[edit] Cursed

Effect: Reduces the afflicted creature's stats.
Item Heal: Uncurse Talisman
Magic Heal: +Zero Reset, Remove Curse, +Remove Curse

[edit] Confined

Effect: Prevents transformation into a knight.
Item Heal: Ark Powder
Magic Heal: +Zero Reset, Remove Seal, +Remove Seal

[edit] HP/MP Leak

Effect: Gradually reduces HP/MP.
Item Heal: 
Magic Heal: +Zero Reset

[edit] Positive conditions

[edit] Deathproof

Effect: The effected creature revives once, when HP is reduces to 0.
Item Source: Lifestone
Magic Source: 

[edit] Body-Guard

Effect: For players, it reduces the damage of next physical attack  against the target to 0. For enemies, the effect varies. For undead creatures (skeletons, succubi and wraiths), it nullifies all physical attacks, until the guard is broken. For elite enemies, it halves damage.
Item Source: 
Magic Source:  Fate's Favor

[edit] Magic-Guard

Effect: For players, reduces the damage of next magical attack against the target to 0. For Elite enemies (see Defense mode), it halves damage.
Item Source: 
Magic Source: Angel's Favor

[edit] Physical Barrier

Effect: Creates a shield, that absorbs a specific amount of physical damage.
Notes: Mostly used by enemies.

[edit] Magical Barrier

Effect: Creates a shield, that absorbs a specific amount of magical damage.
Notes: Mostly used by enemies.

[edit] HP/MP Gain

Effect: Gradually increases HP/MP. Has opposing effect as HP/MP Leak, but does not cancel it.
Item Source: Heal Drop I-III
Magic Source: Healing Breeze
Skill Source: +Support Field

[edit] Attribute Influencing Conditions

  • Conditions of this type are pretty self explanatory. For example, they reduce the amount of damage a creature deals with specific attack types or increases damage taken by a specific skill type.
  • Contradictory conditions of this type override each other. For example, if a creature has "Speed up" and someone uses a slow spell on it, "Speed up" disappears and is replaced by "Speed down".

[edit] Attribute increasing conditions

  • Attack Up
  • Defense Up
  • Speed Up
  • Magic attack Up
  • Magic defense Up

[edit] Attribute decreasing conditions

  • Attack Down
  • Defense Down
  • Speed Down
  • Magic attack Down
  • Magic defense Down

[edit] Removing Attribute decreasing conditions

  • Cause the opposing condition on the target
  • Use skills/items, that cure all conditions, like +zero reset.

[edit] Big Creature Status effects

The following status effects only apply to big creatures. With one exception, only enemies can be effected by these. This list includes positive and negative effects.

[edit] Defense mode

  • All elite monsters (usually giants, trolls, knaves and crab gigases) carry a shield. After they've been attacked a view times, they will hold it in front of themselves, indicating that Defense mode is activated.
  • While Defense mode is active, the monster's defense and resistence increases significantly. This usally halves damage and in most cases removes all vulnerabilities, the target had. It also cannot be knocked down.
  • It will automatically leave defense mode after some time. Aiming attacks at the creature's shield reduces this time.

[edit] Knock down

Big monsters, skeletons and knights can be knocked down.


  • Knocking monsters down allows you to stop the from attacking for a while and often lets you attack their weak spot with melee jump attacks (which can sometimes be broken). They will not go into enraged mode, if you attack their weak spot, at this time.
  • You need to concentrate your attacks on specific areas until the staggering mark appears. Then you need to hit the mark with the creature's weakness or any magic attack (except strong elements). The monster will fall and is Knocked down for 10-20 seconds.
  • Depending on the monster, the area you need to hit to stagger it is different:
  • Two-legged monster (golems, trolls, giants, treants, ark knights): same leg.
  • Four-legged monster, wyverns (fire/ice/earth/wind beast, ahwhanee) : same side (right or left).
  • Dragon : any leg, then the mark appear on the head (you need to jump to hit it).
  • Pyredaemos and lamia : one leg, then the other leg on the same side (any other will make it fall too, but not the right way).
  • Spiders: Can be knocked down in two different ways. Attacking a spider's head will cause it to drop on it's back and expose it for melee (ground) attacks. Attacking it's legs will cause it to drop down, exposing it's back to jump attacks.

Knights (controlled by the player)

  • The Knights the characters can turn into, can also be knocked down with the effect, that they are unable to take any action. They do not take more damage from enemy attacks.
  • They don't have a weakness, like normal enemies do, so normal enemies can't knock them down. But some special charge attacks from big enemies knock the knight down.
  • The player should either activate turn break when the enemy is gathering energy, or block (R1 + X) to prevent this.

[edit] Enraged mode

  • Every large monster has an enraged mode. It is basically a buff, where it becomes much stronger, doubling damage from it's attacks (physical and magical).
  • The conditions for activating this mode vary between monsters, but mostly they will activate it after some time, or sooner if attacked against their most vital spot (ususally it's head), while not Knocked down.
  • So if an axe user staggers a troll and then uses jump attacks to break his head, the troll will not get enraged. But if a bow user shoots it's head all the time, it will soon activate enraged mode.
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