Spearman Emblem

  • This item for making Spears for your knight and can be hard to get.


[edit] Chance of Drop

  • 5% Chance

[edit] Drops From

[edit] Where Found

[edit] How to

  • The rift in the secret Balandor passage is the best.
  • Go there via the castle entrance. The rift is just around the corner from the save crystal.
  • Enter there and the next platform usually holds either a gigas, a kraken or just shadow soldiers. Kill these. Then you can choose right or left portals.
  • Peek at both directions. You can easily see the knight in there. Watch until he moves enough to see if he has a hammer, a spear or a sword.
  • This rift is good because you have two directions and two knights just off either side of that second platform.
  • If you don't see a spear ark knight, zone back out the rift into the Balandor passage. Repeat until spear knight appears.
  • Don't waste time running around the other world spots because there are 2 guaranteed spears in this spot, and you just want them to spawn around the entry point rather than running around.
  • Zone back out and in to reset the monsters. Note that these knight's belly can be broken, so use ranged attacks on that. Using story characters with ranged weapons and setting tactics to "same target" (R1+left) also helps.
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