Skill Combo Suggestions

Your Skill Combos should cater towards effectiveness in battle. This can be saved and engaged as needed as you change into explore mode (not in battle). You can change your attack schemes and roles based on element weaknesses and skill weaknesses on the fly to make your experience in the game as seemless and fun as it was meant to be (eat dogfood, IGN reviews)!

Here, we can discuss the different scenarios that you will face (edit this down to quests and storyline if you can!) throughout the game, and specifically during your second run through, where you should already have most of the skills being referenced. The most beneficial arrangement is to build your action profiles such that all 3 characters can function as you prefer them to via the AI. This way, you can change character control quickly as needed and not worry about your previously controlled character completing aimless tasks. You can also disengage from the enemy with the cancel button, highlight a character, and select one of their spells to cast.

We will show you the most simple groupings of actions which your AI can access to ensure your team will operate at full capacity. You can create & update your own combos as you progress during your first run, but this strategy should be your fundamental basis towards creating an effective "Gambit System".

WKC supports 21 different action slots per character. That leaves you with two options: 1) load up the best skills possible or 2) build minimal actions into groups, and save multiple instances that fit the different roles and scenarios that the individual characters will be involved with. Should you select option 2, I will try to create the most beneficial groupings that you can utilize to fully appreciate this highly-anticipated, instant classic! Refer to the attack combos page for further knowledge.

Q: What fighting styles should I use? All Out? Heal First? A: This depends on your MP and AC consumption based on role/ action groups. You may want to save your grouping with a name signifying best practices of fight style.

  • Support - I highly recommend keeping this character as user controlled. WKC does not seem to have a functional "always boost" feature that the AI will constantly cast haste and other enhance spells.
    • Exploration
      • 1) Heal 3 - Raise - Inspire - Fortify - Haste - Divine Lore - Pray
      • 2) Mana Parasite - Combo of choice - 0AC attack -Elemental shields AS NEEDED with Area Effect
    • Boss
      • 1) Change all single enhance to area enhance AS NEEDED. Additionaly, remove any actions you will not NEED.
      • 2) Slow - Fatigue - Mollify - Silence (Boss use magic?)
    • less is MORE (of the same)!
  • Tank
    • Exploration
      • 1) High AC Attack (or Very High AC Combo) - 0AC attack - Daredevil Stance
    • Boss
      • 1) Shield Breaker - Arm Breaker - Mana Leech - Sentinel Stance / Guardian Stance (based on boss' fighting style)
  • Magic (note: Q: area attacks? - A: I would handle that on the user controlled character)
    • Exploration
      • 1) Spirit Lore - Elemental Sigil (aligned with elemental attacks in use) - Lv1 Elemental spell (weakness of enemies present {choose 1 element per area even tho enemies may have more than 1 weakness) - Lv3 Elemental spell
      • 2) Heal 3 - Refresh - Raise - Divine Lore - Pray

(really? That's it? Again, less is more! Think gambits: Enemy: weak vs fire -> Fire 3!:)

  • Magic Phys-Attack (note: Probably choose All Out for this category)
    • Exploration and Boss
      • 1) Element Attack (enemies' weakness) - Ire Attack (enemies' weakness)

(Again, think "Gambit system," although we can set parameters for the many different enemies involved, we can create custom figurations on the area we're travelling through, and change/prepare on the fly.

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