Seasonal Travel

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Seasonal Travel
Locations:Lost Forest
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:1622
Suggested Level:56+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

A horde of small creatures has swarmed into the Lost Forest, seemingly under the control of elemental lords. We need someone to take them out and bring peace back to the forest.

Defeat all of the elemental lords.


  • Requirements not met in time.

[edit] Important Locations

Location Feature(s) Of Interest
D-7 (South-West) Warp Points for the 4 Seasonal Areas:
  • Autumn Path – Warps to: F-3 (West)
  • Summer Path – Warps to: E-6 (North-East Corner)
  • Spring Path – Warps to: C-5 (South)
  • Winter Path – Warps to: C-3 (North-East)
F-6 Spawn location of Elemental Lord: Efreet
F-2 (West) Spawn location of Elemental Lord: Kraken
B-5 (South-East) Spawn location of Elemental Lord: Rudra
G-4 (South-East) Spawn location of Elemental Lord: Behemoth

Note - Seasonal Travel is one of the best quests to level up. For more information visit the Rebirth page here.

[edit] Elemental Spawns

In each of the 4 Seasonal Areas there are Elementals which can be used to spawn additional Elemental ‘fish’, but also spawn other mobs throughout the entire Seasonal Area (which do not count towards the count to spawn the Elemental Lords.) If you select the correct Elemental it can benefit the party, however an incorrect choice will make progressing through the Seasonal Area more difficult.

Area Location Correct Spawn 1 Spawn 2 Spawn 3
Spring D-5 (South-West)
C-6 (West)
B-5 (North-West)
Sylpheed Killer Vespid Windspider Sprog Jackal
Summer D-7 (North-East)
G-6 (Middle South)
F-6 (South)
Salamander Giant Vespid Firespider Sprog Blood Bull
Autumn F-4 (Middle South-West)
G-3 (South-West Edge)
Gnome Poison Vespid Spider Sprog Wild Boar
Winter C-4 (North-East Corner)
C-3 (North-West)
E-2 (North)
Remora Sleep Vespid Waterspider Sprog Blue Boar

[edit] How To Run The Quest

[edit] Important Notes

  • You need to defeat a minimum of 29 of the Elemental ‘fish’ to spawn the associated Elemental Lord:
  • There are sufficient Elemental ‘fish’ to spawn the Elemental Lords, without using the Elementals to spawn more (and additional enemies in some cases)
  • RES gear is very useful in this quest, and Mana Shield is the absolute minimum

[edit] Steps To Take

Step 1

If it is your first time running the quest (or you have weaker party members), you can run this quest as a group of 6 – There will be enough time to spawn and slay the 4 Elemental Lords.

If you have experience running this quest (and have relatively strong party members), split the party into 2 groups of 3, with one group heading to Spring (moving onto Winter) and the other to Summer (moving onto Autumn.)

Step 2

Slay the Elemental ‘fish’ as you progress (they are weak to Thrust and the opposite Element) and stay within the Season region until you spawn and defeat the associated Elemental Lord.

Step 3

A message will be displayed when the Elemental Lord spawns and a star will appear on the map. The Elemental Lords cast Elemental Spells and have an Elemental ‘Canceller’ attack, which if left unblocked will not only deal a large amount of damage, but place the targets in KO and lower their resistance to the associated Element.

[edit] How To S-Rank

To achieve an S-Rank you will need to defeat all 4 Elemental Lords within a time of 39:21.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

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