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[edit] Papitaur Workshop

Name Description Polyn Requirements
Guilders Item #1 Item #2 GeoRama Rank
Barrel A common barrel that can be found anywhere 20P 100G Shriveled Vine x5 Thread Ball x2 1
Clay Pot A basic pot that can be found anywhere 20P 100G Pebble x5 Bone Fragment x5 1
Wooden Crate A common crate that can be found anywhere 16P 100G Shriveled Vine x5 Sturdy Branch x5 1
Wooden Fence A simple wooden fence 20P 100G Withered Branch x5 Sturdy Branch x2 1
Iron Fence A well-made iron fence 20P 150G Iron Ore x5 Saltpeter Shard 3
Woven Pot A pot with a plant growing inside 20P 150G Mini Scorpion Shell x5 Safflower x10 3
Iron Ramp A generic iron ramp 16P 200G Iron Ore x5 Palmwood Plank x5 4
Restful Fountain A small fountain found in castle towns 55P 4,000G Rock x50 Stone Puppet Part x15 4
Flowered Barrel A barrel with a plant growing inside 20P 300G Gromwell Flower x15 Balmwood Plank x6 6
Graves Simple markers that honour the dead 20P 5,000G Stone Puppet Part x6 Rock x6 7

[edit] Downloadable Content

This section lists all the scenary parts that you can buy from the online store. Note that the quantity denotes how many of the item you are actually buying. Buying any of these items will create a new listing on the store (with the old one greyed out).

Image Name Description Quantity Polyn Cost
Gaslights (DLC).jpg Gas Lamp A beautiful lamp made in Greede 2 25P £1.19
Stone Fence (DLC).jpg Stone Fence A dignified stone fence 20 25P £0.79
Bone Fence (DLC).jpg Bone Fence A fence made from animal bones 20 20P £0.79
Yellow Box (DLC).jpg Yellow Crate A crate painted yellow. Stack them up and have a crate party! 20 16P £0.59
White Box (DLC).jpg White Crate A crate painted white. Stack them up and have a blast! 20 16P £0.59
Fountain 1 (DLC).jpg Royal Fountain A large fountain that boasts the majesty of Balandor 1 120P £1.59
Red Box (DLC).jpg Red Crate A crate painted red. Stack 'em up, line 'em up... Whatever you like! 20 16P £0.59
Purple Box (DLC).jpg Purple Crate A crate painted purple. Spread them around! 20 16P £0.59
Pink Box (DLC).jpg Pink Crate A crate painted pink. Bold times call for bold colours! 20 16P £0.59
Lime Box (DLC).jpg Light-green Crate A crate painted light-green. Every town needs more crates! 20 16P £0.59
Aqua Box (DLC).jpg Light-blue Crate A crate painted light blue. Create it with crates! 20 16P £0.59
Leather Barrel A barrel lined with tanned leather 20 16P £0.79
Iron Barrel (DLC).jpg Iron Barrel A heavy-looking metal barrel 20 16P £0.79
Green Box (DLC).jpg Green Crate A crate painted green. Stack them up and see what you can make! 20 16P £0.59
Fountain 2 (DLC).jpg Greede Fountain A fountain that boasts the wealth and technology of Greede 1 120P £1.59
Gray Box (DLC).jpg Gray Crate A crate painted gray. Say it with crates! 20 16P £0.59
Dark Red Box (DLC).jpg Dark-red Crate A crate painted dark red. Featuring the latest in crate technology 20 16P £0.59
Dark Green Box (DLC) (DLC).jpg Dark-green Crate A crate painted dark gree. Garnish your town with crates! 20 16P £0.59
Dark Blue Box (DLC).jpg Dark-blue Crate A crate painted dark blue.. Crate fever: catch it! 20 16P £0.59
Brown Box (DLC).jpg Brown Crate A crate painted brown. Use them like building blocks! 20 16P £0.59
Blue Box (DLC).jpg Blue Crate A crate painted blue. Stack them up and get creative! 20 16P £0.59
Black Box (DLC).jpg Black Crate A crate painted black. Do with them what thou whilst! 20 16P £0.59
Khaki Box (DLC).jpg Amber Crate A crate painted amber. Get crate-ative! 20 16P £0.59
Iron Box (DLC).jpg Iron Crate A reinforced Iron crate 20 16P £0.59
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