Every skillset can fill several roles in combat. Here is explained, what each role should cover. See Roles covered by Skillsets for futher information.


[edit] Damage Dealer

  • Synonymous with DPS (damage per second) or Striker.
  • This role is all about attacking, it's the one who will take down the monsters.
  • Many DPS Skillsets have support skills, that make them better at this.
  • Example: The Axe skilltree has skills, which increase attack power and lowering enemies defenses.

[edit] Healer

  • The three aspects of this role are restoring HP, raising fallen allies and removing status conditions.
  • Most skills of this type are reactive, so the timing is very important. For example, there's no point in healing someone who's about to die. Rather select "raise" and wait a short moment.

[edit] Tank

  • This role focuses on taking damage instead of other characters.
  • To achieve this, they sacrifice damage output in favor of higher defenses.
  • They keep the enemies attention by using skills that force the enemy to attack them or increase their "aggro" (a measure of how likely the enemy will attack a particular character) through non-damaging support skills (like "slow").

[edit] Support

  • A supporter keeps its allies buffed and the monster debuffed. Examples are increasing damage for allies, lowering enemy defenses or inflicting status effects on them.
  • This role is very broad, because WKC has lots of skills that fall into this category.
  • The key to support is, to limit your support skills to those that the parts needs most. There's no point in raising magic attack or INT, when the target does not use attack magic.

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