Rise From Your Grave

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Rise From Your Grave
Locations:The Lost Forest
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:2026
Suggested Level:66+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

? Clear:


  • Requirements not met in time.
  • Player(s) wiped out during boss battle.

[edit] How To Run The Quest

Purify all 60 souls for an S-rank with Holy Water and by reviving the trees with the Gem of Life and freeing the 'lost souls' captured by the Wraith on the map.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • Bringing a Mage along on this quest for the Wraiths makes this quest go so much smoother.
  • There are two commonly missed souls that are located outside of the area's map. These souls are in the Autumn area up on top of a mountain that is only accessible by falling from the cliff southeast of Autumn's tree of life. They require you to land on the platform below, and wall-hugging your way up the mountain-side without falling off.

[edit] Important Locations

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

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