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Research Assistant
Locations:Frass Chasm
Unlocks When:Completed Frass Chasm
Guild Ranks:01419
Suggested Level:26+46+71+


[edit] Walkthrough

  • Talk to Maurice and he will join your party as a healer.
  • On the way to the first star (B-4), kill one of the 2 Direspiders to get a spider egg. One is at C-7 and the other is at C-5. To save time, just fly to whichever the wind currently takes you (you only need one!).
  • Go to the first star and interact with the spark to use the spider egg. This will spawn a Pygmy Greaver. Talk to Maurice after it is dead.
  • Go to the next star and kill all the Vespid in the area, then interact with the spark to spawn another Pygmy Greaver. Talk to Maurice after it is dead.
  • Head north to the star in C-1 where you'll find a lily blossom at the last bend.
  • Go back south to the star and spawn the normal boss, another Pygmy Greaver.

[edit] Subquest

  • On the third star, you have the option to spawn a Poison Greaver boss instead by following the next few steps.
  • Instead of examining the star, fly to D-5 (the portion on the east side, just south of the star), where a Papitaur named Pert can be found. Give him the lily blossom.
  • Hop across islands to E-4 (northeast corner on the map when you fought the second Greaver), where a virulent mushroom can be found. It is in the passage heading west out of the cave.
  • Examine the third star to spawn the Poison Greaver.

[edit] Notes and Tips

Note: The Direspiders only drop the quest key item spider egg.

For GR6, you can (even solo) finish the quest within 30 minutes without the subquest, or take less than 45 minutes and do the subquest. Both should result in an S rank. Because the subquest bonus is so meager but features a much tougher boss in comparison, you might as well just kill an extra 20 small enemies for the same result. (GR9 and GR12 might be similar).

[edit] Rewards

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

[edit] Ranks

    Rank Requirements
    RankGR 0GR 14GR 19
    S 11990
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