Reincarnation (WKC 2)

Note - This page is only useful for WKC2 players. If you need tips on Rebirthing (Reincarnating) on WKC1 please look here: Rebirth.


[edit] Rebirthing in WKC2

Just like in WKC1 by rebirthing (reincarnating) you will have the option to reset your skill points (without the need of a "Skill Point Reset" ticket from PSN) in order to change class, gain the Gold Star Trophy, or more commonly, to obtain up to 160SP (Skill Points) extra...

[edit] Requirements

To be able to rebirth there are some pre-requisites that must be fulfilled:

To be able to rebirth you must:

  • Have completed the game (This means having a Game Save that reads ★CLEAR DATA on it)
  • Be level 80 with your Avatar (or your story mode characters).

Note - You must be at least GR20 to reach LVL 80 as there is a level cap of 65 until GR18, gaining five levels per each GR up until GR20.

[edit] How to Rebirth Walkthrough

Once you clear the game, you will receive an on-screen message alerting you of a new quest in the Sinca Village. Select Van Haven Waste from the World Map and choose the Sinca Reincarnation Pilgrimage from the list.

You will find a hooded person there (that looks like a member of Organization XIII out of Kingdom Hearts) called The Usher by the fire place. Talking to this person will give you the option to rebirth if your Avatar is level 80.

The requirements for rebirth are checked when you talk to The Usher, not when selecting the quest. So if he does not offer you to rebirth, something is missing. Also note that the active character will be reincarnated. So if a story character is selected but you want to reincarnate your avatar, push "select" and change.

[edit] When to Rebirth

Just because you can rebirth at GR20 doesn't mean you should rush to do so. The fastest methods to LVL UP can't be used until you reach GR22 so if you rebirth immediately regaining EXP will be sluggish.

Also, bare in mind that if you intend on changing class you'll need weapons for that class that have been enhanced, if you hope on killing enough enemies to LVL UP. You may also need materials that you would not have needed in your current class and running a GR20 quest or similar to get them whilst at LVL60 will be annoying for you and the people you may quest with!

So it's best to wait until at least GR22 unless you aren't going for the trophy and just want the extra 160SP ASAP.

For more info and the best places to rebirth scroll down

[edit] Effects & Perks

  • You continue the game at the reduced level of level 60.
  • The option to redistribute your Skill Points without buying a ticket off the PSN store.
  • Your skillpoints will be reset and all your saved command sets will be removed (even basic attacks, which you don't lose).
  • You can rebirth your story characters. Yes, you can finally correct any mistakes made in their builds, and even give them some more SP to work with! However, they will receive less SP than your Avatar per rebirth.
  • Eldore has 438 SP after his first rebirth, he retains heal and fireball
  • Leonard, Yulie, Kara and Ceasar have 439 SP after their first rebirth, they retain heal
  • Your Avatar Character will have an extra 40 Skill Points to spend for every rebirth up to a maximum bonus of 160SP (You may reincarnate as many times as you want though). For more detail see the table below:

Rebirth Number Skill Points
Level 60 Level 80
Rebirths: 0 400 SP 600 SP
Rebirths: 1 440 SP 640 SP
Rebirths: 2 480 SP 680 SP
Rebirths: 3 520 SP 720 SP
Rebirths: 4+ 560 SP 760 SP
Skill Tree Skill Points to Master
Axe 200 Skill Points
Bow 200 Skill Points
Divine Magic 200 Skill Points
Elemental Magic 200 Skill Points
Longsword 200 Skill Points
Spear 200 Skill Points
Staff 200 Skill Points
Sword 200 Skill Points

[edit] The Journey Back To LVL80

Once a Rebirth has been completed, you will normally wish to reacquire Level 80 as quickly as possible - To re-equip some of your hard earned weapons and armour, to allow for an additional rebirth and to be as effective as possible for running quests. The following sections explain fast and popular methods to regain your EXP.

[edit] Quest Selection

The best quest for EXP will depend on your current level, GR and more importantly, your class. Running a quest as a mage or axe can have a big effect on the time it takes to kill a certain enemies. For example Seasonal Travel II is filled with elementals and fish making it a great quest for mages (thanks to their specific magics and high RES stat) but axe users are slow, heavy and lack elemental prowess, so bare this in mind.

Below is a list of useful quests for EXP and a quick caption on its perks.

Note that the MAX EXP gain per enemy is 1248EXP (or 1498EXP with an Experience Ticket) so it is best to run the lowest GR quest that gives you this number of points. Once it reduces to about 1100EXP you should consider using a higher GR quest to gain levels.

Note - ADV = Advantage DIS = Disadvantage

[edit] GR20+

Free Monster Quest

  • ADV - MAX EXP at any level
  • ADV - Lots of small enemy drops which can be sold for guilder
  • ADV - can change rift after leveling to get efficient amount of EXP
  • ADV - respawn fairly quickly if clearing
  • ADV - can complete at any time to harvest your georama
  • DIS - avoiding the Large Enemies in Chaotic Rift
  • DIS - 5 deaths and failed quest having to start quest over

Quibbles with Kibbles 1

  • ADV - Lots of kibbles give lots of EXP
  • ADV - Kibbles die easily under a knight's hammer
  • ADV - Kibbles respawn quickly
  • ADV - having low level character with will earn around 1000 EXP a kibble
  • DIS - Requires a level 4 character to assist for best EXP gain
  • DIS - assisting character is best used as a bow wielder, with Spirits hymn and healer's hymn starting at level 10
  • DIS - only lasts half hour
  • DIS - requires use of Charge drinks to get up to 15 AC for tier 3 knight summon(Do NOT use tier 1 or tier 2 knight summon, the kibbles WILL defeat the knight).

(notes: the person using the low level Powerleveling character should be prepared to die often if the knight wanders a little too far in. The tree just within the forest can be glitched into, and forces the knight to revert due to lack of space. The person who has the low level character will gain levels, either save character at level 10 for instant Spirit's/Healer's Hymn access, or do not save and revert to level 4 again later.)

[edit] GR20 to GR21

Vellgander : Section 1

  • ADV - MAX EXP gains even at higher Levels
  • ADV - The option to loot chests whilst levelling up
  • DIS - Only suited to those with High DEF & ATK/MAG as enemies are strong
  • DIS - Is very slow as you will waste loads of time healing and buffing (unless you don't mind dying every so often).
  • DIS - May enter a room that blocks your abilities/item usage ("Elemental Magic/items/combos cannot be used in this room")

Nocturnal Commission III

  • ADV - Many enemies in close proximity to your starting location for making a quick getaway or to restart quest.
  • ADV - Only one type of enemy (Wild Boar) making it easy to exploit their weaknesses
  • ADV - AoE attacks and spells are extremly effective as enemies stick together.
  • DIS - MAX EXP gain reduces at around LVL65 making this quest a very short term option.
  • DIS - Melee classes can get ganked by groups of (Wild Boar)

Support The Troops I

  • ADV - Enough space between you and your enemies to pick them off one by one, especially as an archer class
  • ADV - If you can kill the Magi tents or towers you can gain a MAX of 2450EXP.
  • DIS - A lot of running around
  • DIS - Enemies have no elemental weakness and can deal huge damage.

[edit] GR22 to GR23

Vellgander Sections 1, 2, 3, & 4

  • ADV - MAX EXP gains all the way to LVL80 so you can use these quests exclusively.
  • ADV - The option to loot chests whilst levelling up
  • DIS - Only suited to those with High DEF & ATK/MAG as enemies are strong
  • DIS - Is very slow as you will waste loads of time healing and buffing (unless you don't mind dying).
  • DIS - May enter a room that blocks your class' ability ("Sword commands cannot be used in this room")
  • It is advised that you find an elemental lord and do the "Fish Summon Trick." Read method 2 in money and EXP for more info.

Seasonal Travel II

  • ADV - The option to exploit elemental resistances with your elemental weapons
  • ADV - Best quest for mages in terms of speed. You'll also take little damage thanks to your RES stat especially if you use spells like Magic Barrier or Fire Shield.
  • ADV - If you manage to kill enough enemies to spawn the boss if your knight is strong enough, you can knight up and kill the boss along with the fish that he spawns during the battle.
  • DIS - Except for archers, melee attacks can be slow, even with elemental weapons so you won't level up as quickly as a mage.
  • DIS - A lot of running around
  • DIS - If you kill an elemental that spawns Poison Vespids instead of fish, levelling up in that area may no longer be an option as vespids deal physical damage and can stun, poison or paralyse you - which can be deadly!

Just Deserts II

  • ADV - The Zore Crystals, Gigas and towers grant high MAX EXP if you can kill them
  • ADV - You can farm Chromium and Guardian Gems in the process.
  • DIS - Requires a good strategy to avoid being ganked and still requires you to deal high damage
  • DIS - Is only practical if you run a quest with at least 2 people, which at least halves your potential EXP gains.

[edit] GR24 to GR25

Vellgander Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

  • ADV and DIS as above.

Seasonal Travel II

  • ADV and DIS as above but also:
  • DIS - Once you reach around LVL70 you will stop getting MAX EXP per kill so should change to a GR24 quest at that point.

Graveyard Rift II - ADV & DIS Assume that you aim to clear only the rooms with fish before exiting and restarting the quest. For the most effective way to get max EXP in this quest read this page. It's not as easy, as "go in and kill", but very efficient if done correctly.

  • ADV - Once you clear the starting area each room contains only one type of fish making it easy to exploit thier weaknesses.
  • ADV - AoE attacks and spells are extremly effective as enemies stick together.
  • ADV - A great quest to do in pairs as the completion speed outways the EXP loss.
  • DIS - Clearing the first area can be slow with a poor strategy and AoE attacks aren't as effective as there are 4 types of fish not 1.
  • DIS - Melee classes can get ganked easily
  • DIS - Is only ideal for classes with high RES or spells like Mana Barrier or Fire Shield

[edit] GR26+

Vellgander Sections 1, 2 & 3

  • ADV and DIS as above.

Seasonal TravelII

  • ADV and DIS as above but also:
  • DIS - Once you reach around LVL70 you will stop getting MAX EXP per kill so should change to a GR24 quest at that point.

Support The Troops II

  • ADV - Enough space between you and your enemies to pick them off one by one, especially as an archer class
  • ADV - If you can kill the Magi tents or towers you can gain a MAX of 2450EXP.
  • ADV - Can harvest the rarist Branches, Planks, Fossils, Ore, Mushrooms & Flowers in just 1 run.
  • ADV - Can farm Chromium and Guardian Gems Lvl 7 which cannot be bought.
  • DIS - A lot of running around
  • DIS - Enemies have no elemental weakness and can deal huge damage.
  • DIS - Is only effective at high LVLs as there are alternatives that are faster at lower LVLs.

Quibbles with Kibbles II (Click on above page for more info with video walkthrough)

  • ADV - Very small arena so you won't need to run very far to get EXP
  • ADV - Arguably the fastest way to LVL up not just you but your ENTIRE party.
  • ADV - Enemies keep respawning for an unlimited supply of EXP (as long as you live)
  • DIS - Requires many Heal/MP & AC potions
  • DIS - One of the most boring and tedious methods as you will just be using the same Knight Attacks over an over.
  • DIS - If you don't use your knight your armour will be damaged very quickly.

Remember - Rebirths are best done at GR24, with the very least being GR22. For even more detail on regaining experiance points and some useful tricks that you can apply to the above quest, visit the Money and EXP page for more information.

[edit] Additional Notes & Tips

  • Divine Magic SP Allocation

Always invest in Divine Magic. You do not have to become a pure White Mage, but it is always priceless to be able to heal and buff yourself when needed or debuff enemies. Must have spells for all classes are Heal II, Heal III, Raise, Fortify & Mana Barrier. If you don't intend on playing as a supportive roll or a party healer, the single proficeny spells (no +Spells) are enough.

  • Optional Spells

The spells Haste and Slow are pretty useful as they increase your damage potential, while decreasing the enemy's. Holy Light is needed to remove the Physical Shield from undead enemies like Wraith and instantly kills Skeletons knocked off balance. You can live without this spell but if you can you should unlock it.

  • Divine & Spirit Lore

The Divine Lore and Spirit Lore skills were a wasted investment in WKC2 pre-patch 1.01. Divine Lore used to reduce the cost of Heal IV by 3MP (from 38 to 35 MP) which was poor.

Now however, the patched version has received a large skill re-balance, and the Lore skills have a much bigger effect. These are now must haves for Pure White/Black Mages or supportive type players.

[edit] Frequently Asked Questions

  • May reincarnate as many times as you see fit. However you will not receive additional Skill Points after Rebirth: 4.
  • If you quest with players of a similar level the EXP gain will halve but if you quest with too many players or if they are at a significantly higher level than you, you may get 0EXP per kill!
  • You can re-spec your story characters in the same fashion as your avatar.
  • New Game+ does not re-set your story characters.
  • You do not have to be in New Game+ to rebirth.
  • All equipment is unequipped from your character when you rebirth. (It is still in your inventory)
  • All Skill Points are removed from your Skill Trees, however the star signifying 100% mastery of that skill tree will remain if you've unlocked it.

[edit] Useful Links

  • See the following pages, for general information about the different skill sets and strategies:
  • Individual Skillset Pages:

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