Note - This page is only useful for WKC1 players. So for the Rebirth guide in WKC2 click here: Rebirth WKC2


[edit] What is Rebirth?

Rebirth is different from New Game+, and so the two should not be confused. Rebirth simply reduces your level to 35 without any changes to the story, with a number of extra perks and bonuses. As to what these bonuses and perks are... read on...

[edit] Instructions on Rebirth

To be able to rebirth there are some conditions that must be satisfied and this section will tell you what they are, and what to do once you've satisfied the conditions:

[edit] Requirements

To be able to rebirth you must:

  • Have completed the game (This means having a Game Save that reads ★CLEAR DATA on it)
  • Be level 50 with the Avatar

[edit] The "How To" Part

Once you clear the game, you will receive an on-screen message alerting you of a new quest in the Sinca Village. Select Van Haven Waste from the World Map and choose the Sinca Reincarnation Pilgrimage from the list, you will find a hooded person there called The Usher. Talking to this person will give you the option to rebirth if the Avatar is level 50. Selecting 'Yes' to rebirth will unequip the Avatar's equipment and accessories. No items are lost; they will still be in your inventory.

Since your level has reduced, you may need to reacquire levels to equip the armor and weapons you had on previously.

[edit] Bonuses & Perks

  • You continue the game at the reduced level of level 35.
  • Redistribute your Skill Points.
  • Your Custom Character will have an extra 40 Skill Points to spend for every reincarnation up to a max 4 (You may reincarnate as many times as you want though)
Rebirth Number Skill Points Possible Skills Mastered
Level 35 Level 50 Level 35 Level 50
Rebirths: 0 140 SP 200 SP 1 2
Rebirths: 1 180 SP 240 SP 2 2
Rebirths: 2 220 SP 280 SP 2 3
Rebirths: 3 260 SP 320 SP 2 3
Rebirths: 4 300 SP 360 SP 3 4
Skill Tree Skill Points to Master
Axe 89 Skill Points
Bow 91 Skill Points
Divine Magic 90 Skill Points
Elemental Magic 90 Skill Points
Longsword 90 Skill Points
Spear 90 Skill Points
Staff 90 Skill Points
Sword 90 Skill Points

[edit] Quickest Ways to Rebirth

Once a Rebirth has been completed, you will normally wish to reacquire Level 50 as quickly as possible - To re-equip some of your hard earned weapons and armour, to allow for an additional rebirth (possibly for the Gold Star trophy) and to be as effective as possible for running quests.

[edit] Quest Selection

The quest which will best serve a Rebirth will vary depending on your current GR, with GR10 being the start of the 'easy' Rebirths.

[edit] GR1 to GR6

During the early GRs, any quest which you run to raise your GR will serve to level up, with Boot Camp serving as the first easily accessible EXP farm. It is also unlikely that you will reach Level 50 before you reach GR7, unless you focus on raising your level outside of completing a quest (killing all enemies but not completing the quest.)

[edit] GR7 to GR8

Once you reach GR7, you will have access to a number of quests which can hasten your Rebirth process:

Boot Camp 2

This quest is recommended to aid levelling from level 35 to ~42.

Apply a Fire Enhancement to your weapon (unless you are playing as a Mage), use Inspire if needed and roam the area killing the Kibbles and Polkans for a good return in EXP and Gold. You have 30 minutes to continue this process; you can ignore the message you have reached the quota, or can end the quest to gain GR too. (There are also 3 Shiny spots on Trees - These will cause a mob of 5 Giant Vespids to spawn (weak to Water) which can be used while you wait for the Kibbles and Polkans to respawn.)

Sprog Cleaning 1

This quest is recommended to aid levelling from level 35 to 50. (You can also run Boot Camp 2 to ~42 and then continue the rebirth in Sprog Cleaning 1.)

If you intend to complete multiple rebirths (I would recommend waiting for GR9 or GR10), then learning Wind magic will greatly hasten this quest.

As a Mage

Equip the best Staff you have access to, cast Fortify and Magic Boost and open the gate infront of you. Using AoE Wind Magic (I recommend +Vayu's Breath for the starting area), you will be able to kill large numbers of the Sprogs very quickly. Once the group in the starting area a dealt with, search the immediate area and defeat any additional Sprogs. Venture forward (the route that you saw as you entered the gate) and stop when you see the next group of Sprogs. Cast Haste, Fortify, Magic Boost and Stealth Magic (if you have it) and approach the edge of the mob - Using +Vayu's Breath to deal with them. Recast Fortify, Stealth Magic and Magic Boost and run to the right, allowing the Sprogs to follow you - Your goal is to gather as many as possible in as small a space as you can - Once you have a good number surrounding you, cast +Tempest to wipe out a huge number (if not all) of the Sprogs. Once this group is defeated, unequip all of your armour, return to the 'T' junction you went right on and head left, and allow the few Sprogs in that area to kill your avatar (select 'Yes' when it asks you to return to your Home Point) and use the Logic Stone to quit the quest.

(Use Mana Parasite when you begin running low on MP.)

Repeat as necessary.

As any other Class

Follow the above guild, but cast Haste, Fortify and Inspire and use your best AoE attack to dispatch the Sprogs. (Enhancing a weapon with Wind will greatly aid you in killing the Sprogs.)

Short Sword: No AoE skills - You will have to kill them one-by-one.
Long Sword: Void Storm for lines and +Void Crash (if you learn it) for the last 'surrounded' section.
Spear: Sonic Javelin.
Bow: Needle.
Axe: Heavy Cannon for lines and +Aftermath (if you learn it) for the last 'surrounded' section.

[edit] GR9

At GR9 you can continue with the previously detailed quest, or:

King of Dragons 2

The Elementals yield very good experience, good gold and the drops can be used for Elemental enhancements, are used in some binds and upgrades, raising your Bind Rank (if you have not maxed it) and extra revenue (by selling them.)

Heading North will give you access to Water and Fire Elementals (Red Scorpions accompany the Fire Elementals), with several harvesting points available (including Timber, Crystals, Flowers and Bugs.)

Heading South will give you access to Earth and Wind Elementals (Killer Scorpions accompany the Wind Elementals), with several harvesting points available (including Ore, Cotton and Bugs.)

Notes and Tips

  • Elementals may be difficult to 1-hit kill, so ensure you use the relevant Elementally Enhanced weapon, cast Inspire (or Warcry for Axe, Demon's Aura for Long Sword) and use your best 0AC attack (or a 1AC combo)
  • Elementals are weak to Strike attacks, so Axe users will have a slightly easier time
  • A Mage is well suited for defeating Elementals, but ensure you have Magic Boost in effect (an Elemental Seeker will also greatly help)

[edit] GR10+

At GR10 you will have access to the best Rebirth quest: Sprog Cleaning 2.

Follow the guide for Sprog Cleaning 1 (GR7 to GR8), but bear in mind the following:

  • The Sprogs are far more powerful, so ensure you have Fortify in effect
  • You will likely die several times at the start of the Rebirth - This is a common occurrence
  • Carry a stronger weapon and set of armour (ones you can not equip due to level), and equip them when you reach the required level
  • Heal between encounters with the various mobs
  • GeoRama sets are very useful for Rebirths

[edit] Frequently Asked Questions

  • May reincarnate as many times as you see fit. However you will not receive additional Skill Points after Rebirth: 4.
  • You can not re-spec your story characters just your avatar, also New Game+ does not re-set your story characters.
  • You do not have to be in New Game+ to reincarnate, see requirements.
  • All equipment is unequipped from your character when you reincarnate. (It is still in your inventory)
  • All Skill Points are removed from your Skill Trees, however the star signifying mastery will remain.

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