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[edit] The Frog Race

The Frogs are dominantly represented in Albana. Most Frogs are either merchants or can be found helming Binding Posts. Frogs are about half the size of a human and resemble a typical frog in appearance. Frogs are also a staple of Level 5's game and are present in their previous games such as Rogue Galaxy.

[edit] Notable Frogs

He is the lord of Albana and everything that goes on in Albana have to go through him first. Apparently, he is a different type of frog as he is of an enormous size. Have a feroscious wife in the name of Anura. He has a crush on Verruca and sent her a love letter. Alas, this was caught by Anura and well..
The wife of Phibianacci. She has a great sense of fashion and puts many other designers to shame.

[edit] Humans

Humans are one of the major races and populate the Kingdom of Balandor. They can be found in Albana, Greede and Parma Village too. There are all kinds of humans from the lowel levels to the higher levels, from wine makers to warriors to mages.

[edit] Notable Humans

See Characters.

[edit] Farians

Farians are a race of elf-like humanoids that possess antlers. They seem to possess great agility as heard from conversations. In the beginning of the game, it was stated that the Kingdom of Balandor was at war with the Farian Kingdom sometime in the past. The King of Balandor wanted to have a peace treaty and invited the Duke of Faria to Balandor for a peace treaty.

Some Farians can be found in Greede, showing that Farians do travel around.

[edit] Notable Farians

The Duke of Faria
Travelled to The Kingdom of Balandor for the negotiation of a peace treaty. Killed during the invasion by the Magi Organization.
Lord Grazel's right-hand man.

[edit] Papitaur

Papitaur are small rabbit-like creatures that stay in almost every city. You can find them in Balandor, Albana, Greede and most notably Baccea. They are mostly adept at creating and inventing new stuff. Your Georama parts are created with the help of a Papitaur.

[edit] Notable Papitaurs

They are a group of Papitaurs who have branched out to stay on their own, making Baccea their home.
Raus is the first Papitaur you will meet and delivers Rappaci's wines from Parma.

[edit] Wargs

Wargs are a race best identified for their beastial appearance. This race displays sexual dimorphism. Their males are large and stocky with small horns jutting out of their foreheads. The females are smaller in stature, as well as being much more slender, and feature facial stripes on the cheeks instead of horns. Females of the race appear to have more feline characteristics.

[edit] Notables

Rapacci is the owner of Rapacci Wines, a wine maker/distributor for whom Leonard and the player's avatar work.

[edit] Others

A water-dwelling creature, described by Leonard as "having a curvaceous body". She uses her tongue to grab things and this tongue is quite strong as shown. She cannot stay out of the water for too long and is therefore unable to reciprocate the love that Phibianacci has for her.

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