Quibbles with Kibbles

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Quibbles with Kibbles
Locations:Balastor Plain
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:026
Suggested Level:60+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

A cryptic message was sent to the Adventurer's Guild. From what we can make of it, the client wants to meet you at Pimm Forest in Balastor Plain. We have no further details. Would you mind checking it out?

Restore peace to the plain.


  • Players(s) wiped out during battle.
  • Requirements not met in time.

[edit] General Information

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[edit] Walkthrough

I've got 2 words for you...


Quibbles with Kibbles is probably one of the most insanely infuriating quests and steals the title from WKC1's Lumber Support. The quest setup is similar. Instead of killing Treants your targets are Toto's and the vespids are replace by Kibbles. This time though, once you've killed all the Toto's there are several phases that follow...

Phase 1

Kill 3 Toto's

Phase 2

Talk to the Troll NPC to start the 1st boss battle of respawning Kibbles & 3 Toto's.

Phase 3

Return to kill even more Toto's, 6 of them this time and prepare for the final boss when you are done.

Phase 4 - Final Boss

2 Gigas' and 1 Karkinos Gigas.

That's the general gist of the quest. For more info please check the forums, Lumber Support page for some tips or just wait for this page to be fully updated.

  • Note that they way enemies spawn, it can sometimes be hard to get the Toto in lower F7 to spawn. To avoid this problem, always stick together and run along the outside of the forest in a counter-clockwise direction.

[edit] Reward

If you have the patience for this horrific quest, this is the most reliable way to get Tier 3 & 4 Crab drops

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

    Quest Complete & Subquest Bonus GR Points
    TypeGR 0GR 26
    Completion Bonus 12.000P 19.000P
    Points Required to Achieve Rank
    RankGR 0GR 26
    Time Bonus GR Points
    Time ReqGR 0GR 26
    [00:30:00] - [00:10:00] 17.000P 29.000P
    [00:09:59] - [00:07:00]11.200P19.000P
    [00:06:59] - [00:05:00]6500P11.000P
    [00:04:59] - [00:02:00]2800P5000P
    [00:01:59] - [00:00:00]00
    Enemy Bonus GR Points (Per Kill)
    Enemy NameGR 0GR 26
    Kibble 0 0
    Toto 0 0
    Betapente Gigas00
    Betatria Gigas00
    Karkinos Gigas00
    Total Guilder Awarded by Rank Achieved
    Rank RequiredGR 0GR 26
    S 7000G 12.000G
    A 5600G 9600G
    B 4200G 7200G
    Possible Quest Loot
    GR 0GR 26
    Karkinos Gigas All Tier3 Drops
    Emblem of Valor
    Faerie Mask
    Karkinos Gigas All Tier4 Drops
    Emblem of Heroism
    Djinn Mask

  • Release Date ?

[edit] Farming EXP Fast

Quibbles with Kibbles / Quibbles with Kibbles 2 is arguably the fastest method to level up not just you but your story characters (who can also be rebirthed).

Method 1 - After starting the quest head straight into the forest. 'Do not talk to any NPC! Find yourself a spot and transform into your knight and attack the first group of Kibbles that you can see in range. Ideally, use a Sword Weapon with a shield and use Flame Soul or a ranged Slash or Strike Attack. You wangt to be killing these kibbles with 1-2 moves to prevent taking heavy damage. Make sure to bring plenty of mana pots and use knight armour that gives high MP. Click here for YucheeEl's Video Walkthough on how to use this method.

Method 2 - Can get from 60-80 in 1 1/2 to 2 hours with this method in Quibbles with Kibbles 2, but it also works well with part 1 - just lower experience. Go in as a mage with Dragonfire, +immolate, and mana boost at a minimum. Heal 3, +Spirts blessing are also good. You should sell off all but one of your Faerie Masks as will be full by the end. You will die often but that's good, as you will refill all of your MP. Use mana boost to one shote +Immolate - after level 65-ish as you will be albe to 1 shot with boost and Dragonfire . You should be getting over 1400 per kill from 60-80, or over 700 per if you go in with a friend - part 2. You should be able to get 5-9 levels ever 30 minutes this way, depending on your game play / luck. Focus on mana boost and +Immolate as much as you can (to one shot) and the slight hill on the left is a great target for multiple kills.

Method 3 - This method is extremely risky in Quibbles with Kibbles 2 but much easier in Quibbles with Kibbles 1. This method works best with Sword/Shield Knight, as it has wide attacks and strike attacks if needed. You'll be doing the quest solo, without your NPC's as they drain your EXP, so feel free to kill them off or start the quest without them. Start off by taking out the 3 Toto's. If you need to knight up to take them out, then do so, as long as you can take them out decently fast enough. It's alright if you chose not to transform here. After you defeated all 3 Toto's, un-knight if you transformed and build up all your AC back. Make sure your stocked on MP potions. When your AC is full, speak to the Troll NPC to begin the next fight. Knight up immediately when the battle begins. Assuming your DEF is high enough while transformed, all the Kibble's and Toto's should do 1~2 damage on you, so you won't need to worry about dying. (At least, in QwK1.) Now you can simply start using wide area attacks like Slash or Strong Slash with your knight. It's great if you can kill them in 1 attack and even better if that attack is the normal Slash because using Slash costing only 1 MP will save you a lot of MP compared to Strong Slash which cost 5 MP. The Kibbles here not only spawn in a more smaller area, there is more spawn than anywhere else in the previous map, they spawns faster AND they provide more EXP than the ones in the previous map. Yes, more EXP. Do try to avoid killing all 3 Toto's as it'll send you out of the area. Try to push one Toto behind your area of attack to avoid hitting/killing it. An easy way to knock them behind you is to have them stand in front of your knight and use Strong Slash, then strangely, they'll be knocked towards you and not away. Doing this multiple times can pull them far enough than you can have them standing behind you. Keep killing the Kibbles until time runs out, if done properly, you should be able to get from Lv60 to Lv70+, a lot of money and max Faerie Masks from one run with this method.

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