Procnix and Haernix

[edit] Polar Opposites

Area Found Lost Forest
Target(s) Procnix (E-5). Haernix (C-3)
Unlocks When Completed Bounties 14,15,16,17,24,25,26
Suggested Level 65+
EXP 3250
Reward Items Mirage Armor x1, Mirage Gauntlets x1, Mirage Faulds x1, Mirage Sabatons x1
Guilder Reward 1950G
GR Points 90,000

[edit] Info:

The Fire wyvern Procnix is weak against Slash and Water attacks. The Ice wyvern Haernix located in the cold north region is weak against Slash and Fire attacks, both of which can be delivered while it takes flight. Neither of these creatures have any tricks up their sleeves status-wise, so your only problems are defense and protecting against Fire or Ice, respectively, have a better chance of withstanding the barrage of devastating attacks. Make sure +Heal IV is at your character's disposal, and use it if the party drops below half their usual HP.

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