Patches are updates to the game. They may include bug fixes, additional items, new quests.


[edit] Japanese Patches

[edit] v1.03

Released: January 29th, 2009
Patch Notes:

  • Added new quest Bombardment 2 (二つの砲撃)
  • New weapon, Large Magic Snake Sword (魔人の大蛇); obtainable from the Bombardment 2 quest

[edit] v1.04

Released: February 28th, 2009
Patch Notes:

  • Ability to auto-run (After you've started to move, press L1 and you'll move in that direction, navigate with the right analogue stick)
  • Fixed bug with not everyone getting Bonus Materials for the quest Part Destruction 1

[edit] v1.06

Released: March 25th, 2009
Patch Notes:

  • Improved Targeting System
  • New Colours in Command Palette
  • Separation of Items and Equipments list, in and out of battle
  • Ability to heal yourself at save point more than once by adding a 'Heal and Repair' option.

[edit] v1.10

Released: April 22nd, 2009
Patch Notes:

This Patch was been named 'First Wave'


  • The Main Menu has been updated
    • A new Battle Set Up Menu has been added.
      • Change between new type and old type from Options » Change Menu Type » Classic / New Type
    • New Type Additions Are:
      • Addition of "Magic" Menu
      • Addition of Shortcut between Skills Acquisition & Edit Command
      • Added Edit Mode Slots within Edit Command Menu
      • Type A & Type B Game Type Addition
      • Chat Settings Improved (10 Choices)
      • Can view map whilst moving
  • A Check has been added for which items have been synthesised
  • When targeting larger monsters more effects have been added
  • AC was added at the time of maximum stage
  • Sword Drawing Speed Adjusted
  • Enemy being Pushed Down Effect Added
  • Auto-Run Icon Added
  • Mini-Map Changed to Reflect orientation of Character
  • Character Creation Menu Adjusted
    • L1, R1 button function improved
  • During Weapon Synthesis, when choosing Composite Armour, verification of what the Model of Composite will be like has been added.


  • Ability to attach pictures to the Log Book
  • Room Matching was added to MyTown
    • Set preferences for room searches
    • Join rooms with people the same Level as you
    • Join rooms with people the same Guild Rank as you
  • Ability to set Room Restrictions (Max Guild Ranks/Levels)
  • Synthesis Shop added to MyTown
  • Guild Ranking was added to Member Information of the room

Main Game (Single Player)

  1. When Selecting "New Game" you can either start a "Whole New Game", or "New Game +"
  2. With New Game +, Character will have same apperance
  3. Key Items are not carried forward in New Game +
  4. The following things are different from a normal new game:
    1. Transmigration Quest is unlocked after arriving at Sinker Village
    2. Shops will have items from previous play
  • Start Button will now Pause
  • At Game Over, you can either Retry or go Back to Items
  • Formula for gaining EXP has been adjusted
  • Incapacitated Characters can use Magic and Item

Weapon Skill Balance

  • Sword Skills
    • Provocation Effect Up
    • Magic Eater now absorbs more MP
  • Bow Skills
    • One of the abilities now consumes 0 AC and takes less time to use
  • Spear Skills
    • Intimidate Effects Up
  • Rod Skills
    • MP Absorption Absorbs more MP
    • Pray Casting time reduced
    • Time extension of "spell boost"
    • Time extension of "magic boost"
    • Time extension of "spell barrier"
    • Time extension of "magic barrier"
    • Time extension of "Fire Spirit"
    • Time extension of "Water Spirit"
    • Time extension of "Wind Spirit"
    • Time extension of "Earth Spirit"
  • Spirit Magical Skills
    • Time extension of "Ice Barrier"
    • Time extension of "G Ice Barrier"
    • Time extension of "Wind Barrier"
    • Time extension of "G Wind Barrier"
    • Time extension of "Earth Barrier"
    • Time extension of "G Earth Barrier"
  • Holy Skills
    • Time extension of "Power Charge"
    • Time extension of "G Power Charge"
    • Time extension of "Strength Charge"
    • Time extension of "G Strength Charge"
    • Time extension of "Speed Rise"
    • Time extension of "G Speed Rise"

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