Party Setup

To maximize combat effiency, the following steps should be considered before distributing skill points ingame.


[edit] Roles

The following roles should be covered by your active party (the game is also beatable with other setups, but it will be more difficult). See Roles for an explanation what they mean.

[edit] Primary roles

  • Healer
  • DPS
  • Tank (1)

[edit] Secondary roles

  • Support
  • Second healer (in case the first dies/gets muted)
  • DPS

(1) Note that Arcknights can function as tanks in most parts of the game, so you don't actually need a dedicated tank. A dedicated spear tank will likely turn into a liability in normal story mode, because he will cause low damage, prolonging fights.

[edit] Skillsets

See the page Roles covered by Skillsets for a list. Choose one or two skillsets for each role, mentioned in the last chapter.

Example party setup:

1. Bow/divine magic (healer/support)
2. Axe (DPS/DPS Support)
3. Shortsword/divine (tank/dps/2. healer)

[edit] Characters

Now you can pick any party member, to distribute the skillsets. But you must check their restricted skillsets, before you can continue. For example, Yulie cannot learn axe and longsword, so she cannot be the primary DPS. The avatar is the only one, who can learn all skillsets (he does not gain enough skill points todo so, however).

At LV 35 (the beginning of WKC 2), every character has enough skillpoints to either master a single skillset (though some skills require quests) or learn two skillsets and be good enough at it.

Plase note, that element magic and staff are most effective, when used together. This is because "staff" weapons increase magic power (which determines spell damage) and it has lots of support skills for divine and elemental magic (like decreased in casting speed and lower MP cost for spells).

Example party setup:

1. Yulie: Bow/divine magic (healer/support)
2. Leonard: Axe (DPS/DPS Support)
3. Avatar: Shortsword/divine (tank/dps/healer)

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