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[edit] Background

Parma Village is located south of Balandor. Yulie stays here and this is where Leonard gets his wine from to deliver.

[edit] Armory

Name Cost
Longsword 210
Knife 100
Hickory Bow 100
Oaken Staff 100
Cotton Kirtle 80
Cotton Cuffs 40
Cotton Trousers 40
Cotton Boots 40
Wooden Shield 140

[edit] Georama NPCs

Name Type Town Stat 1 Stat 2 Stat 3 Sex Race Req LVL Item Location
Graham Lumberjack Parma Timber+0 Lumber+3 Insect+2 M Human 2 None near town entrance (B-2)
Linus Farmer Parma Flowers+0 Cotton+3 Mushrooms+2 M Human 2 None in stable east of town entrance (C-2)
Frederick Farmer Parma Flowers+0 Cotton+0 Mushrooms+3 M Human 1 None in stable east of town entrance (C-2)
Delvadoth Farmer Parma Flowers+3 Cotton+3 Mushrooms+2 M Hulk 10 Red Emperor Coin in stable east of town entrance (C-2)
Fedelia Chef Parma Greavers+0 Beasts+0 Lizards+3 F Hulk 1 None in house on north side of town (B-2)
Valdere Farmer Parma Flowers+3 Cotton+0 Mushrooms+5 M Hulk 10 None walking outside shops (B-2)
Stagous Farmer Parma Flowers+0 Cotton+3 Mushrooms+3 M Hulk 7 None inside armory (B-2)
Peggy Mage Parma Automata+0 Plants+0 Giants+3 F Human 1 None inside binding shop (C-3)
Fabiola Warrior Parma Bugs+3 Trolls+0 Dragons+0 F Hulk 1 None near foot of hill path (B-3)
Bianga Lumberjack Parma Timber+2 Lumber+3 Insects+3 F Hulk 10 Blue Ethereal Coin near bridge, south side of town (B-3)
Lloyd Lumberjack Parma Timber+0 Lumber+3 Insects+3 M Human 7 None near bridge, south side of town (B-3)
Horace Lumberjack Parma Timber+3 Lumber+2 Insects+0 M Human 2 None sitting outside pub (C-3)
Gudrun Warrior Parma Bugs+2 Trolls+3 Dragons+0 M Hulk 2 None inside pub (C-4)
Mira Chef Parma Greavers+3 Beasts+5 Lizards+0 F Human 10 None inside house near town exit (C-3)
Manumarin Lumberjack Parma Timber+0 Lumber+0 Insects+3 M Papitaur 1 None east exit of town, near fence (C-3)
Dreardel Lumberjack Parma Timber+3 Lumber+0 Insects+0 M Hulk 1 None east exit of town, near fence (C-3)

[edit] Treasure

Treasure chests marked with NG+ can only be obtained by playing New Game+ on the original White Knight Chronicles disk only. Playing New Game+ on the WKC2 disk provides no additional treasure chests in any area.

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