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New Game+ Upon beating the game, after the credits roll, it gives you the option to save your game. After doing so, a star appears at the start menu next to "new game," indicating you can enter "New Game+". After selecting new game, you get two options, start a new game with a new character, or new game+, where you keep your characters' levels and gear, but start the game at the beginning.

New Game+ places you at the beginning of the game, but with the same gear, EXP, and items (except for key items). The enemies aren't any harder, they're the same level they were during the first play through, so you can one shot stuff throughout the beginning of the game. You need to unlock characters and areas all over again. But there's two advantages to new game+: firstly, new items are unlocked in the shops. Secondly and more importantly, new treasure chests located in field/dungeon areas containing higher level GR 7 and 8 equipment. Normally, you'd have to spend lots of money/time farming these items with online questing. But you can obtain this gear free, you just have to find the treasure chests in your play through. If you want to get the gear while getting access to everything (including item binding) fast, just press start during cutscenes and select to skip them. (Thanks to Celeste: Felfrost.Island for the list.) I've confirmed and completed the item list myself.

Balastor Plain

  • [B-3] Breaker Fists (Hands, Lv38 GR7, DEF27, Poison Resist)
  • [G-5] Breaker Boots (Feet, Lv38 GR7, DEF27, Poison Resist+3)
  • [E-5] Breaker Mail (Body, Lv38 GR7, DEF34, Water Resist+2) -in the northern area of E5 on a ledge.-1-
  • [D-8] Breaker Culottes (Legs, Lv38 GR7, DEF27, Water Resist+2)-1-

-1-Available when Eldore joins the party as a Main Character.

Greydall Plain

Nordia Tunnels

Lagnish Desert

-1-Available when you obtain South Gate Pass.

-2-Available when Kara joins the party as a Main Character.

Flandar Trail

-1-Available when you obtain Lizard Bait.

Greede Underbelly

  • [F-2, 1st Floor] Magical Robe (Body, Lv42 GR8, DEF33 MDEF9, Silence Resist+2)
  • [E-3, 1st Floor] Magical Shoes (Feet, Lv42 GR8, DEF28 MDEF9, Silence Resist)
  • [C-2, 2nd Floor] Magical Bracers (Hands, Lv42 GR8, DEF28 MDEF9, Silence Resist)
  • [D-2, 2nd Floor] Paladin Sword (1h Sword, Lv41 GR8, ATK70)
  • [C-4, 2nd Floor] Magical Slops (Legs, Lv42 GR8, DEF28 MDEF9, Silence Resist)
  • [D-4, 2nd Floor] Embroidered Cloak (Accessories, Lv15, MDEF4 MP+5 INT+3)

Bunker Lode Caverns

  • [E-3] Staff Of Kukulkan (Staff, Lv45 GR8, ATK33 M-ATK78, Adds: Paralyze Effect)
  • [C-4] Ancient Claw (Dagger, Lv45 GR8, ATK52, M-ATK12, Adds: Silence Effect)
  • [C-3] Evil's Bane (2h Sword, Lv41 GR8, ATK107 DEF-7, M-ATK+10)
  • [C-3] Master Shield (Shield, Lv40 GR8, DEF27) - Floor B1

Balastor Plains Cave

Frass Chasm (East)

Frass Chasm (West)

Van Haven Wastelands

  • [G-4, Underground] Earth Footwear (Feet, Lv43 GR8, DEF33, Earth Resist+2)
  • [F-5, Above ground] Earth Trousers (Legs, Lv43 GR8, DEF33, Earth Resist+2)
  • [F-4, Underground] Holy Tabarizin (1h Axe, Lv44 GR8, ATK73)
  • [C-3, Above ground] Earth Mail (Body, Lv43 GR8, DEF40, Earth Resist+2)
  • [A-3, Above ground] Earth Fists (Hands, Lv43 GR8, DEF33, Earth Resist+2)

Ruined Palace - Dogma Hall

Ruined Palace - Collapsed Shrine

Ruined Palace - Shrine Area

  • [C-1, Area 3] Doom Plate (Body, Lv41 GR8, DEF40, Poison Resist)
  • [B-2, Area 2] Doom Boots (Feet, Lv41 GR8, DEF31, Poison Resist)
  • [C-2, Area 1] Sainted Claymore (2h Sword, Lv44 GR8, ATK109 DEF-8)
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