Moon Princess Knight

The Pactmaker of the Moon Princess has been revealed to be Yulie. This was hinted at in the White Knight Chronicles when the group reaches Sinca Village. Yulie says that the village seems familiar, and later they find out that this was the village that the five children found in the ruins were raised in, hinting that she, too, was possibly raised in the village. The Moon Princess is the fifth knight that was used and sealed away in the Dogma Wars. The Moon Princess is the only knight to use a bow, and is also the only female knight that was created during the Dogma Wars. Because of Kara's death, Yulie is also the only female Pactmaker remaining. The Knight's Ark is a bow, and is activated by pulling back the string of the bow. The Moon Princess will appear in the game White Knight Chronicles: Awakening of Light and Darkness.

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