Magestone Turret

Magestone Turret
Type Drop
Where Found Pyredaemos Rex: Garmatha fortress, Demithor in Peril II, Station Attendant II
Cost (Self)
Cost (Guests)


[edit] Guild Rank Required

  • Guild Rank 10+

[edit] Chance of Drop

  • 1% Chance (higher in WKC 2)

[edit] Drops From

[edit] Quest=

[edit] How to in Garmatha Fortress

  • Run through the enemies from the first save until you go through an opening. There will be either a pyrodaemus or a pyrodaemus rex.
  • It's the Rex you want. It has a big crystal stuck in its neck. If it's the regular pyro, you can kill it anyway if you want for destroyer+ items or just run past it.
  • In the building door there is a logic stone. Save at that.
  • Do a "return to title screen" soft reload of the game or enter/leave georama until you get the Rex.
  • The Rex can be farmed and unlike other big quest monsters, the breaks can be reloaded. *Using a bow or magic, target the turret and hit until it breaks.
  • Then target the head and hit til it breaks.
  • Two drops total. Stop and then run back into the building, don't kill the Rex.
  • If you do, you'll have to spawn another one. The breaks will be reset immediately by going back into the building.
  • Be careful your characters don't have strong thrust attacks. Either unequip them, or take skills off their bars, so they don't kill the Rex before you get your drops.
  • Alternatively, your story characters may help with breaking, if you equip them with ranged weapons and set tactics to attack same target (R1 + LEFT).

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