[edit] Background

The Knights are five seven-meter tall Weapons of War, called Incorruptus, made by people known as the Ancients and used during the Dogma War. They were created by the Yshrenian Empire in a bid to turn the war against the Athwan Empire. The war, which eventually became known as the Dogma War, ended with no clear victor and great losses on both sides. In order to hide these terrible Weapons of War away, these Knights were stored in temples to be forgotten... until now.

The ruins of these temples have been unearthed and these Weapons of War were found.

[edit] Use

Each Knight requires a Knight Ark to be activated by its pactmaker before it can be summoned. The pactmaker, or holder of the Ark, utters a short incantation and activates the Ark, transforming into the Knight with their soul in control of it. The pactmaker must be chosen by the Ark itself and upon being chosen cannot relinquish it until their death.

[edit] The Knights

During the Dogma War ten millennia ago, five Knights were created by the Yshrenian Empire. They are:

  • White Knight - uses a sword and shield. Discovered by Leonard under a temple beneath Balandor and brought there 17 years prior to its awakening. The ark is a gauntlet that fits on the left hand, and it is activated by putting a knife into the top of it.
  • Black Knight - uses a long sword for a weapon and first seen in the Nordia Tunnels. Chosen Kara as the packmaker, however later Shapur kills Kara and steals the Black Knight's ark, and in doing so mutates the knight into the "Black Usurper". It is unknown exactly how this happened, but in the White Knight Chronicles 2 trailer it shows that the Black Knight is back in its original form. Perhaps the Black Usurper can be called upon whenever Shapur feels like doing so or when two souls are being used when summoning the knight. This knight is activated via a sword, and when it is unsheathed the knight is called upon.
  • Dragon Knight - uses a trident/spear. After defeating an adamant female dragon that wore the Dragon Knight's armor, it realizes that Belcitane is the true enemy and not Leonard and his crew. It discovers that Caesar is the one person she has been waiting for, and grants him the Dragon Knight Ark. The ark is a vermilion colored belt shaped as a dragon without arms or legs. It is activated by putting the belt on and connecting the mouth to the tail.
  • Sun King - uses a doublesword as a weapon. It was hidden in the Dogma Ruins. Grazel reaches it prior to Leonard and he forces Princess Cisna to make the pact official by breaking the seal with her spell. The ark is a golden mask, which is activated by putting it on and speaking the chant.
  • Moon Maiden - uses a bow as revealed in screen shots. Yulie is its chosen pactmaker. The ark is a bow that activates by pulling back the string.

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