Knight Moves

[edit] Knight Moves

A black hole has appeared in the Dogma Rift, and some claim to have seen an Incorruptus inside it... will you investigate?

Area Found The Dogma Rift (Rift)
Target(s) Ark Incorruptus (middle island)
Unlocks When Story Chapter 12 Beginning
Suggested Level 55+
EXP 2750
Reward Items -
Guilder Reward 1650G
GR Points 40000

[edit] Info

Unlocking the Quest
After the throne room scene at the start of Chapter 12 in the story, the player exits to find Framboise outside. She admits to tinkering around with the gem you gave her during Chapter 10, and has now blown open holes in the space-time continuum. She has turned the matter over to the Adventurer's Guild, and "Knight Moves" is then available in the Hunt Bounties list.
Enter the Rift
Visit a guild, accept the "Knight Moves" bounty, and then travel to Dogma Rift. Enter the Temple Ruins at the north end of the area. Open your in-game map and you notice a purple vortex marker in a small room within coordinates B-3. Fight your way there and examine the rift to enter Another World.
Defeat the Ark Incorruptus
This is the mysterious dimension that the Incorrupti hail from. Use the warp gates to travel from one floating platform to the next, defeating the secondary enemies on your path. After defeating the Alphamiden Gigas and other foes on the north central platform, use items and spells to recover the entire party completely. Then warp through the final gate to the center area. Your target, the Ark Incorruptus, is Lv. 55 and weak against Thrust attacks only. Knock out its kneecaps to bring it down, then target the torso with aerial Thrust attacks to inflict extra critical damage. When enraged, it casts a spell that lowers everyone's attacks, which you can counter by lowering its Defense.
Receive the Avatar's Incorruptus
Defeat the Ark Incorruptus and use the glowing yellowish portal to return to your own world. Return to the nearest Guild and claim your reward. Then return to Balandor Castle and speak with Framboise again to recieve the Knight's Ark. This device allows your avatar character to transform into a Knight Incorruptus, which should finally make it possible to complete all of the difficult Part II Quests that require as much. Visit an Incorruptus Shop to customize your knight, including changing its name, coloring it with items purchased through the Playstation Store, and equipping it with custom Artifacts.
Gather the Elder Gear
Following the completion of "Knight Moves," rifts now exist in every wilderness and "hostile" area in the game. Each of these rifts transports the party to a unique version of Another World, complete with its own warp gates, enemies, and treasures. In several of these you find pieces of the Elder gear, which you can use to equip and improve the avatar's Knight Incorruptus.

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