Knight Ark

A Knight Ark is a piece of equipment required when using a Knight.

[edit] Appearance

Knight Arks appear as ordinate pieces of armor, such as gauntlets, sheathes, masks or belts. But they can also appear as weapons, the only example being the Moon Princess's bow.

[edit] Use

A Knight Ark becomes bonded to the soul who first claims it and is deemed worthy, the person becoming a pactmaker. Once bound to a person the Knight Ark does not allow itself to be touched by another, reacting with violent flares of power when the rule is violated.

The Pactmaker is bound until death. If a Pactmaker dies, a new soul may bind itself to the ark. This power was sealed away in the Dogma Wars years before our story comes into play but the Magi are determined to break the bonds that bound this ancient power and use it to control the world and rebirth an empire long since past.

To activate a Knight Ark the pactmaker recites a sort incantation which varies from Ark to Ark but always ends with the word 'Verto,' signalling the transformation from person to Knight.

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