Job Dancer/Assassin
Age 17 (Deceased)
Weapon Various Swords
Voice Actor Catherine Cavadini

[edit] Background

Kara originally appeared as a dancer from the town of Albana. She tried to assassinate Leonard on the orders of the Magi, because they had kidnapped her sister, Lena. However, during the confrontation with the Magi, her sister was sacrificed, leading her to join your party.

She disappears several times during the course of the game, often saying that she has a problem catching up with Leonard and the party. Caesar became suspicious of her and started questioning her on her real motives.


[edit] Abilities

As with Yulie, Kara is unable to learn skills related to Axe and Longsword weapons.

Outside of battle, Kara has been shown to be a very talented dancer.

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