Just Deserts

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Just Deserts
Locations:Lagnish Desert
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:1622
Suggested Level:56+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

The Yshrenians have constructed several strongholds in the Lagnish Desert, and are mobilising for a full-scale invasion of Albana. Stop them before their plans come to fruition.

Destroy all of the Yshrenian strongholds.


  • Requirements not met in time.
  • Player(s) wiped out during boss battle.

[edit] How To Run The Quest

This quest requires you to destroy magi strongholds in order to progress through the quest. This is a very straight-forward quest and will keep the entire party together at all times.

To achieve an S-Rank you will need to defeat all of the strongholds and final boss within a time of 15:20.

[edit] Notes & Tips

  • Enemy Magi Officers will transform into a Gigas, so try and leave these targets until last
  • Ensure you destroy the Yshrenian Army Tents at the Magi stronghold quickly, as they will spawn additional Magi reinforcements.
  • The final boss will change depending on which of the two stars you attack during the 3rd phase
  • You can achieve an S-Rank on either of the two Bosses
  • Just Deserts is the best quest to farm for Chromium & Guardian Gems (See Step 3).
  • The Ancient War Machine is the easier of the two Boss fights

[edit] Walkthrough

Step 1

Advance towards the star at G-7 and annihilate the enemy presence in the area.

You will battle few magi soldiers a Zore Crystal II and 2 mobile siege cannons.

Step 2

Advance towards the star at G-8 and annihilate the enemy presence in the area.

Like Step 1 you will battle few magi soldiers a Zore Crystal II and 2 mobile siege cannons as well as, 2 siege towers, however the magi officer in this base will transform into a Gigas.

Step 3

You now have a choice to launch a Frontal (F-8) or Surprise attack (G-9) on the 3rd Stronghold. This decision will determine which Boss you fight, so decide beforehand which route you wish to take.

Once you have launched the attack the other route is disabled and can no longer be triggered, but you can still explore the other route if you are farming Chromium & Guardian Gems. The gems available at GR16 & GR22 will be one GR level higher than the quests and you cannot buy them until you reach the next GR.

Step 4 – G-9 (Frontal Attack)

If you launch a Frontal Attack you will face more reinforcements while attacking the Stronghold, including two Magi Officer who transform into Gigas'.

You will face the Duke Gigas in the Boss Fight.

Step 4 – F-8 (Surprise Attack)

You will need to head South and then to the West, fighting through 3 Magi encampments along the way before reaching the star at F-8. Once the Surprise Attack is launched, you will face less reinforcements than if you attacked via G-9 (and more opportunities to farm for Chromium & Guardian Gems.

You will face the Ancient War Machine in the Boss Fight.

Step 5

Once the 3rd Stronghold is annihilated, recover your HP, MP and buff before talking to Croakeld (NPC) to start the boss fight.

[edit] Boss Fight – Duke Gigas

The harder of the two possible Boss Fights – You will face off against 1x Duke Gigas and a Magi Mob, which includes two Magi Officers who will transform into Gigas when defeated.

The ideal scenario is having 5 party members deal with the Magi while 1 party member attacks the Duke Gigas.

See Duke Gigas for boss strategy.

[edit] Boss Fight – Ancient War Machine

The easier of the two possible Boss Fights – You will face off against 1x Ancient War Machine and a Magi Mob, which includes a Magi Officer who will transform into a Gigas when defeated.

You can attack any part of the Ancient War Machine to defeat it, but destroying the ‘Engine Plating’ and then attacking the exposed Engine will cause a Break drop.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

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