Jungle Jailbreak

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Jungle Jailbreak
Locations:The Lost Forest
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:024
Suggested Level:66+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

Monsters Captured near Faria have escaped to the Lost Forest. We've dispatched men to recapture them, but it's proving difficult. Find the group, capture the beasts, and return peace to the forest.

After defeating the bounty, end the quest.
After defeating the bounty, run out of time.


  • Requirements not met in time.

[edit] General Information

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[edit] How to Run the Quest

Go around the Lost Forest, killing 18 bounties to S rank. This takes around 20mins with 4 players or more. This is a good alternative to Free Monster Quests if you are looking for a particular monster as they always appear in the same locations here. Once you've defeated 1 bounty you can end the quest.

[edit] Walkthrough

The easiest way to play this quest is with 2 teams of 2 or 3. One team goes east (1st bounty is Popo) and the other goes West (whose 1st bounty is Toto. Work your way around the map until both teams meet in the middle of the Winter section of the map for the final bounties.

Some bounties don't appear until a goal has been accomplished:

  • The bounty at G5 requires having 5 beast carcass and talking to the npc.
  • The bounty at C6 requires killing the fire giant at D6 and fire lord at C5.
  • The bounty at C3 requires 5 luminescence quest item you gather at shiny spots around spring.
  • The white wyvern in winter and earth dragon in autumn don't appear until a certain number of bounties appear.
  • For F3 you must talk to the nearby npc and go to F4 to kill the magi.

For soloing the path I take from start is go east to kill the kibble and then go around the other way clockwise, killing all beasts for carcass and collecting all luminescence I see. After killing the fire giant and lord and opening C6, track back to kill it really quick then make your way to C3 since you should have the luminscence. Keep going through to autumn, talk to the npc at F3 then turn in your carcass at F5. If you've killed the 17 bounties at this point and head to F4, kill the magi and go back up to F3 to kill the 18th. Talk to the npc and quit to finish the quest.

Popo (Polkan Bounty) D5 dead end Golutus (Fire Giant Bounty) D6 (northwest corner of the grid) Delphine(Fatal Flower Bounty) C5 (by waterfall) Attanir (Efreet Bounty) C5 Lahamu (Basilisk Bounty) C4/D4 dead end by logic stone Briareus (Troll King Bounty) C3 Aesthan (Wyvern Rex Bounty) C3 Vanagandr (Fenrir Bounty) C3 -Talk to Guildsman at C3(left of the logic stone) and give 5x luminescence to get access to Vanagandr Gogmarr (Stone Guardian Bounty) D3 Dorgol (Treant Bounty) D2 Zurthor (Pygmy Greaver Bounty) F3 clearing Soltorn (Earth Dragon Bounty) F3 clearing Akto (Killer Scorpion Bounty) F5 Lulo (Scorpion Bounty) F5 Lycaon (Rock Hound Bounty) F3 (Must kill Magi at F4 dead end first after talking to scout) Toto (Kibble Bounty) E6 in tree Weald (Dire Windspider Bounty) G5 Talk to Alene to set trap Aestal (Dire Firespider Bounty) C6/B6

[edit] Reward

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