I am the Gatekeeper

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I am the Gatekeeper
Locations:Dogma Rift
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:1925
Suggested Level:70+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

A strange groaning wail has been heard in Dogma Rift. Researchers call it the "devils voice," and are now too scared to continue working.Go there and see what's causing all the fuss.

Defeat the enemies before time runs out.


  • Requirements not met in time.
  • Player(s) incapacitated during battle.

[edit] How To Run The Quest

The quest Begins with All Players on a center Platform once u speak to the NPC you're seperated from your party and all of you face a Weakened Duke Gigas on your own'!

Upon killing yours you are teleported to the middle platform to face off against the main boss, a Pyredaemos Rex. Defeat it and it's quest complete.

I am the Gatekeeper is probably the most soul destroying quest in WKC2! If anyone dies at any point it's GAME OVER and a lot of the time your party members will scorn at you if you're the one that died. But fear not, below is a guide to not only surviving, but passing with an S-rank with flying colours.

[edit] Walkthrough

  • Once you talk to the NPC everyone is seperated immediately, so make sure everyone is ready.
  • It's best not to go all out on the Duke Gigas as you may need to use your knight or MP on the Pyredaemos Rex.
  • Try to defeat your Gigas with at least half of your health remaining or you could get attacked by the Pyredaemos Rex when you teleport, before you can even draw your weapon.
  • Teamwork is essential once on the middle platform, even in the GR19 version as one mistake can cost the quest. At least one Spear knight should verto here or someone needs to be able to aggro the Rex and act as the team's dedicated tank.

[edit] Surviving Against the Duke Gigas

There are 4 main phases of this battle but each phases's length can vary and is somewhat random. The Duke Gigas' attacks changes in each phase so you'll need gto react accordingly to avoid taking heavy damage...

Phase 1 - Ostrich Mode: The starting position, shortest phase and easiest phase to survive, this is your opportunty to cast the recommended debuffs, ATK Down, DEF Down & Slow. If you attack the correct eyes you can complete this phase without taking a single hit and amass easy AC by attacking randomly with your basic attacks.

After around 3-5 succesful attacks it will enter phase 2 (below). Before it does, this is your last chance to refresh your debuffs and personal buffs. At the very least make sure you are fortified and if you have <700DEF in the GR25 version make sure you don't use any DEF down abilities on yourself like Daredevil Stance.

Phase 2 - Humanoid Mode: Initially, this is just like any boss. Deal enough damage and you'll kill it & if you get hit heal yourself but you'll need to watch out for the following moves:

  • Arcane Light - Within a circle around him he will deal high damage AND Curse you, halving your damage output. As soon as you see it charge a purple light run away from it fast or if you can't get far enough defend. This way you'll avoid being cursed which can be a nightmare ailment to deal with.
  • Bloody Torment - This looks like a Turn Break from any boss. The moment he starts glowing step back and defend. This is its most powerful move and will send you flying if you don't block/defend its attack and cause you to be KO'd.
  • Evil Eye - Much harder to avoid, if you think it's coming defend as this will reduce the chances of being paralysed or run back and wait. If you're paralysed he will often start a devastating combo that can easily kill you.
  • Dark Wave - One of the most devastating moves the Duke Gigas can use. It may not deal high damage if it lands but it will always cause your HP to be sapped with HP Down (Anti-Healing Breeze). If you successfully defend you won't lose HP over time, if you don't, cast Healing Breeze II on yourself to counter its effects.

Phase 3 - Enraged Mode: This can happen at any time during its humanoid form and if you take too long to kill the Duke Gigas he can activate it around 3 times during the battle. He will glow red, all of his attacks will be stronger and worst of all, he will start chaining his attacks into combos...

Combo Chaining Attacks:

  • Evil Eye, Bloody Torment, Normal Attack - It's bad enough being paralysed but to then be KO'd and on critical health? If you get paralysed, prepare for an onslaught. You can easily die here before you get a chance to heal so if you have poor paralysis RES make sure you have nearly full health when he becomes enraged. That way if he does land this combo, you should still have enough HP at the end of it to heal yourself.
  • Arcane Light, Bloody Torment, Normal Attack - The effectiveness of this combo can be reduced if you defend the first attack but if you don't, use an HP potion as soon as you can as Bloody Torment will KO you disabling your actions.
  • Normal Attack, Dark Wave, Bloody Torment - If you are deceived by his normal attack and go all out straight away you may fall into this combo trap. Dark Wave is one of the hardest moves to anticipate and if you don't block it he can follow through with a bloody torment leaving you KO'd and taking gradual damage from HP Down whilst you are disabled.

It may take practice depending on your class but going all out offensive when the Duke Gigas is enraged is often a bad idea. Ride out the storm and eventually he will return to normal humanoid form where his attacks become far less brutal and leave him open for your assault.

Phase 4 - Regeneration Mode: When your Duke Gigas has around 20% health left he will activate his regeneration organ working like Healing Breeze. As soon as you whittle down his health to this level go all out to kill him. Even if he is enraged whilst in this phase he will rarely use his combos and he'll take longer breaks between his attacks. Try to have at least half of your health before you kill him as hyou'll need it when you teleport to the centre platform.

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • You may want to use AC potions before you start if you need a knight but this isn't needed with good teamwork as you should amass enough AC during the fight.
  • Try to synchronise the killing of your Gigas' with eachother because the first player to finish off thier Duke Gigas will need to fight the Pyredaemos Rex solo until their comrades are done with theirs and this can often cause death on the gr 25 version of this quest.
  • It's worth adding Healing Breeze II & Fortify to your command slots just for this quest. These buffs are great countermeasures against an enraged Duke Gigas and if you can, adding Slow & Haste to your slots will give you a better chance to kill your Duke before it gets a chance to deal huge damage.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

  • Release Date Dec. 1, 2011

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