Hunter II or Misty II Set Guide

  • This guide explains in detail, how to get the Georama Armor Sets Hunter/Misty II. They have four parts and each of these adds +20 STR, so they are worth the effort.
  • These instructions are the easiest method for people who DON'T have a WKC 1 file to import and are starting town building from nothing.
  • Note: because of the new update and they have added statues remember, putting statues make you forced to do it to 60 for their appearance. Remove statues to make them appear at 50.


[edit] Prerequesites

  • Your avatar must be GR 19
  • Georama LV 8

[edit] Preparation

  • Upgrade your Georama to LV 8.
  • Make 7 houses that hold 2 people. If you have 3 person houses, you may need fewer people or fewer job parts because that extra person gains stats from the other two in the house.
  • Make these minimum Georama job parts.
    • 5 Campgrounds
    • 5 Weather Vanes
    • 4 Combat Dummies
    • 1 Old Shack

Tips on how to make these are further below.

  • If you can make other Warrior parts besides these, you won't need so many people in your town.
  • These parts are the easiest, fastest and least expensive to make if you want to buy the items to make them rather than farming them.
  • Recruit all the Warriors up to level 8 (listed below)

Note on Sil and Adelia: these NPCs are level 8 and to get them, you must give them dragon skulls. You can get the stats to 50 using only 1 of these NPCs, but if you can get both, then you might need fewer job parts in the town. I got 50 in all stats with just Sil.

Foremen: Use the person with highest stat and then the other housemate as close as possible. You will need a person or two at 0 of a stat in order to gain one or two points from the foreman for trolls and dragons, or create other geo job parts than the ones I've used. You may need to shuffle the people in the houses to get the stat to 50, different combinations yield different numbers in the town.

[edit] Hunter/Misty Armour Chest

1. Get Bugs to 50. See next paragraph, for how to.
2. Buy the Misty Dress or Hunter's Jacket from Marsha's Armoury. Cost: 20,000 G
  • Buy 4 Red Hunter coins. Cost: 80,000 G total
  • Buy 4 Blue Hunter Coins. Cost 80,000 G total
3. Bind Hunter II or Misty II at the frog binding shop.

[edit] Resident List

For getting Bugs to 50.

  • Fabiola: +3 Bugs. Parma B-3
  • Gudrun: +2 Bugs +3 Trolls. Parma inside pub
  • Dirk: +3 Bugs +2 Trolls. Albana D-3 on street
  • Veldam: +3 Bugs +2 Dragons. Greede Merchant Quarter 1F outside pub
  • Sergius: +3 Bugs +3 Dragons. I-8 Balandor by guild
Get EITHER Sil or Adelia.
  • Sil: +2 Bugs, +2 Trolls, +2 Dragons. Greede Downtown D-4 on path, give Fire-dragon Skull.
  • Adelia: +2 Bugs +2 Trolls +2 Dragons. Albana C-3 inside pub, give Wind-dragon Skull.

[edit] Hunter Cuffs and Boots or Misty Tights and Gloves

1. Remove Residents from houses to reshuffle. See next paragraph.
2. Buy your Hunter's Cuffs and Hunter's Boots or Misty Tights and Misty Gloves. Cost 10,000 G each = 20,000 total
  • You can buy the 4 Blue Hunter coins now if you didn't earlier.
  • Buy 4 Green Hunter Coins for the skirt or pants next if you want. Cost 20,000 G each = 40,000 total.
3. At the binding shop, use the coins to bind the level II versions.

[edit] Resident List

  • Getting +50 Trolls
  • Dismiss Fabiola, keep everyone else for now.
  • Gaston +3 Trolls Balandor F-8 south of city fountain
  • Rafiana +3 Trolls +2 Dragons Greede Merchant Quarter 1F at pub (She has am Errand, but you don't need to do it to recruit her)
  • Caspar +3 Trolls +3 Dragons Greede Merchant Quarter 2F near lift.
  • Tobias +2 Trolls +3 Dragons Downtown Greede D-3 south of guild
  • Nicole +1 Bugs +1 Trolls +2 Dragons Faria C-3 main city map
  • Alene +1 Bugs +2 Trolls +1 Dragons Faria on bridge main city map
  • Install residents, shuffle the foremen until you get +50. Add warriors with 0 in Trolls if needed, they will gain stats based on the other housemate who does have Trolls.You may not get 50 trolls with these just these recruits so u may have to find other people with trolls

[edit] Hunter Pants or Misty Skirt

1. Remove Residents from houses to reshuffle. Get +50 Dragons. You can dismiss one of these if you need room: Gaston, Gudrun, Dirk or Rook. That leaves only one other Warrior left to recruit. Just shuffle the rest to have the best Dragons people as the Foreman of the house.
  • Beketov: +3 Dragons Albana C-3 inside pub.
2. Buy Hunter's Pants or Misty Skirt. Cost: 20,000G
  • Buy Green Hunter Coins x 4. Cost: 80,000G
3. Bind the level II version at the frog binding shop.

[edit] Creating Geo parts

  • Old Shack 1600G
  • Fire-giant Anklet x 5
  • Easiest to buy these in a mage town with stat of 8 Giants.
  • Add this item to your shop by recruiting Peggy in Parma (in binding shop), Rick and Celia from Baccea which will give you +9 in Giants.
  • Quests: Best Served Cold I (questreward) or Monumental Treasure I (fire giants).
  • Palmwood Plank x 5
  • Farm from lumber town or in most lumber spots in WKC 2 story mode.
  • Dragon's Heat 2 or 3. You can farm the box near the start of the quest. You probably have enough of these already.
  • Combat Dummies 300G
  • Sturdy Chain x 2
  • Cannot be bought and comes from tier 1 trolls.
  • Quests: Brave Litton's Plight I. Break the troll heads in the boss fight. An S rank will give you more in the box than an A rank, so it's worth it to kill Kibbles or run for the fine maka flower.
  • Weather Vanes 1100G
  • Tiny Sapling x 8
  • Any level 1 quest with branch harvest spots. Can be bought in a Lumber town with Timber only at 8. Recruit Dreardel (Parma), Horace (Parma), Nicholas (Balandor F-8). If you do this, buy Withered Branches at the same time for the campgrounds.
  • Campground 700G
  • Clay Puppet Part x 3
  • These are annoying to farm and cheap to buy. If you are making all 5 campgrounds, you'll need 15 total. Y
  • You need mages in your town with Automata 8. Just get 3 mages such as Timothy (Albana), Rick (Baccea) and Moritz (Greede Merchant level)
  • Quest: Best Served Cold I, from the clay golems
  • Buy from lumber town, only need Timber at 2. Get one Timber resident such as Dreardel in Parma, then buy at your town shop. Farm from any level 1 quest branch spot.
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