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Home of the Knave
Locations:Dogma Rift
Unlocks When:Complete Game
Guild Ranks:6912
Suggested Level:35+46+50+


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Speed route

  • Take the west teleporter (B2)
  • Skip the golems as they can take time to kill.
  • Take the warp at A2
  • In the next area take the northmost warp at C1
  • run through the room and take the warp at C3
  • Proceed to the star and fight the black knave and you're done!

[edit] Speed Route Detailed

  • First Warp
    • Run straight take first path west Use warp Pad (B2 ish)
  • Second Warp
    • Take path West
      • (kill soliders to gain AC)
    • Take Path North then first path west
      • (ignore enemy's here unless you want ac)
    • continue west to warp pad (A2)
  • Third Warp
    • Continue north through first room to warp pad (C1)
  • Forth Warp
    • run South (only way to go)
      • bypass all enemys (unless you want AC)
    • get to warp pad kill soldiers (C3)
  • Destination
    • take path east (only way to go)
    • head to Star to begin boss fight

[edit] Subquest Route

  • Take the first teleporter (B2)
  • Kill the golems. You will require TWO Warp Crystals, which they drop sometimes
  • Talk to the NPC around D1 near the warp platform. Kill the magi that spawn, then talk to him again
  • Use a warp crystal to activate the warp at C1, take it and be sure to kill the magi in the room
  • Take the northmost warp at C1 in this area too
  • Head to D2 and defeat the magi there
  • Turn around and head over to B2. Use a warp crystal to activate the warp, take it and defeat the magi there too. You should now get a message saying the War Machine has gone berserk.
  • If you still have a Warp Crystal, you can activate and take the warp platform on the east. Next, use the warp at C3 to reach the top floor where the star is. Otherwise, follow the speed route above to get to the end and you will fight a "weakened" Berserk Black Knave.

Last part is ambigious after you get the message follow the speed route to get to the boss

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • The golems and guardians only drop warp crystals so don't bother trying for Iron or Gold faces here; also the drop is not certain so you may have to try many times to get them. You can get Charge Drink 2 and 3 here pretty easy which sell for good money early on.
  • For the quickest possible run, have one person run the Speed Route while the remainder of the party gain AC and kill the soldiers for extra points. (Remember, the runner must be able to withstand the barrage of attacks along the way and be able to kill the 4 soldiers guarding the last platform. If they die, the quest will take considerably longer.)
  • NOTE: As of patch 1.01 the point reward has shifted heavily toward doing the sidequests and the above method may not net an S grade. Also, enemies no longer give points for killing them.
  • Dull metal lumps are obtainable from HOTK1 and HOTK2.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

[edit] Ranks

    Rank Requirements
    RankGR 6GR 9GR 12
    S ~11,578P ~34,671P
    A ? ~17,000P
    B ~10,540P
    C ~9,969P
    D ?

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