[edit] The Annihilator

Area Found Greede's Underbelly
Target(s) Hades (C-5)
Unlocks When Completed Bounties 6,9,11,12,13,19,20,21,31,35,36
Suggested Level 70+
EXP 3500
Reward Items Shadow Armor x1, Shadow Gauntlets x1, Shadow Cuisses x1, Shadow Sollerets x1
Guilder Reward 2100G
GR Points 120,000

[edit] Info:

Hades has taken up residence in the boss chamber at the south end of B3, so you have to have completed the story in Greede's Underbelly before proceeding. This unique dragon is weak against Strike attacks and strong vs almost all else. Focus on healing all with +Heal IV spells while you eliminate the Dire Windspider and other enemies in the chamber, making it easier to fight and survive Hades. Even its weakest attacks can knock a level 80 Characters HP down by half, so you only want the strongest, heaviest armor for protection. Hades also utilizes a Dark inferno attack that inflicts all surrounding party members will falling HP, a status ailment against which there is no cure. However you can balance its effects by casting Healing Breeze spells on everyone. Use items instead of Heal or Heal + spells for faster effect, allowing you to resume more quickly.

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